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  1. Dave is a great guy to deal with. Honest, honourable and all round decent chap. One of the Stars of old skool Airsoft. I have traded many items with him and would always do so. Thanks for all the business you have provided me!

  2. King Zog from the planet Zog

  3. Great guy to so business, good comms and fast payment. less mess and does what its says on the tin - JOB DONE!

  4. Airsoft-Show event team- Really great guy to deal with. Very fast payment, great comms and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend trading with him...

    Thanks for a smooth transactions and to fell to you anytime.

  5. Top trader; I would highly recommending dealing with...

  6. Lewis is a top man. Very polite and gentleman to deal with.

    Thanks for a great deal..

  7. Bought the crane stock battery. Arrived today.

    RSM is a top trader. Says what he going to do and does what he says he's going do. Item in excellent condition Well pleased.

    Thanks mate!!

  8. Great guy to deal with... I hope to sell more kit to him. Recommend to anyone...


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