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  1. Looks to be the Pantac Hydration Pack or the real piece of the gear that Pantac may have copied. Kinda looks similar to the Camelbak Pakteen but larger.
  2. @appslapp; what size plate are you run in your JPC clone? And please sir, some pictures.
  3. Awesome seller, great communication, and item was actually better than described

  4. The other one looks to be a blade tech holster.
  5. Looks to be a G&P body. They come in two style, engraved and laser etched.
  6. Can you provide the height of the top of the unit down to the rail, while the unit is mounted; I would like to know how much the unit will block my fov while using a red dot/BUIS.
  7. Bring this thread back from death: Left some more for a future light and mount for the AKS74U.
  8. Rig on the left; based on a SKS chest rig it seems to be.
  9. Please don't quote pictures. WE GBB I believe. MaTech BUIS 600m rear. KAC front.
  10. Looks like Frost's Sun Project is in good hands; hope he enjoy the AK. How is it feeding with the Pmags?
  11. The three screws are in a triangle pattern and I believe mounts to where the holster is mounted, the center. You can mount the light mount to Blackhawk belt paddle, strike platform, etc.
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