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  1. I'm still knockin' about. My last post was nearly 10 years ago to the day.
  2. I'm just about to post this over in the mosin news thread, but i'll leave it here aswell for anyone who wants to have a nosey at the internals and how they work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjzwwtO6y3g
  3. It doesnt just fit straight on the A&K version either, you need to make a spacer for the under rail so the launcher clears the hand guards. I'd imagine it would be something similar with the Ares one.
  4. drop them an email and tell them you dont wanna bay that kinda silly postage, they'll send it regular mail for ya and it'll cost very little.
  5. Yeah it was a great setup, the Spectre was a dream to use and the shorter barrel totally transformed the handling of the gun. That nylon thing was actually just a spur of the moment sling mount when i needed one during a game and i liked the feel of it so left it on. The PEQ on it in that pic was actually a holder for an 11.1v lipo. removing the forgrip meant the sound hog had to come off too so running the battery up top was a better option, since i use those batteries in a few of my other rifles.
  6. lol, thats my A&K Masada, Glad you like it.
  7. Ahh i see, so thats what it was. thought arnies was tryin to hack me.
  8. Dont think i posted this yet, Its a Umerex/KSC MP7 GBB, H&K MP7A1 by Rich AM, on Flickr
  9. My old KSC system 7, I sold it but regretted it very soon after. KSC USP Tactical by Rich AM, on Flickr
  10. Just browsing through my pics and came across this one. Its a King Arms GBB, lovely rifle. King Arms MaA1 GBB by Rich AM, on Flickr
  11. Anyone else get a malware warning when you open this thread? im getting it every time, although nowhere else on arnies?
  12. It could be the selector rod alright, id start there and see if that makes any difference. the microswitch is obviously working if semi is fine, it can only be the little piece that presses the microswitch or the rod itself. Id pull the gearbox and fire it while not in the gun and see if theres anything obvious there. if it works fine then it looks like the rod is the issue.
  13. Whats your problem? Are ya not getting any power to the gearbox? The motors in these are a pile of shít too, that could be the issue. You can buy spare switches in Maplin electronics. its a just called a small microswitch on their site. Better off taking out your old one and dropping into their shop to compare, but they defo have them.
  14. Really liking the look of the G36C, I think its going to have to be added to my collection.
  15. C'mon lads, its a lipo battery, you can fry any trigger contacts with a decent power lipo, The mosfet was one of the very first mods i made to mine and something i always do to all my rifles just for peace of mind. particularly those with weird or hard to get trigger contacts. the tavor microswitch is only rated at 15a as far as i can remember so its not ideal to be run on any fairly powerful battery, You can get replacements handy enough but prevention is better than cure, especially with a gun thats as much of a pain to strip as the Tavor.
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