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  1. It could be relative to the environment. He *could* look psychotic with fire all around him. Or he *could* just look happy because he has his thumb up.
  2. *suitcase*, Agent47. Nice loadout.
  3. Weapon of Choice - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  4. OMG, Pepsi, like, that sweatshirt totally clashes with the six color camo! Like, chya.
  5. I see the TF2 Scout in there. IM A FORCEANATURE.
  6. The Emdom SAF Admin came in today. Front: Back: Size Comparison:
  7. Mmm I have a pair of 'Nam Jungle Boots that are working very well for me. I think I'll be upgrading soon though.
  8. That vest is REALLY low. Hike it up.
  9. Ohh then it doesn't cause a problem!
  10. Doesn't that velcro make your cheek uncomfortable?
  11. The velcro on the Condor is relatively shoddy and doesn't take much pull before it comes off itself. The straps are just insurance for my own comfort
  12. It keeps the IBA secure if the velcro fails.
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