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  1. The scope is overall cute to look at, garbage to use. The irons, however, are dead accurate with a tuned in hopup so I found myself slowly wanting the scope away for a legitimate reason. I like that the scope is actually removable this time, it makes the process easier.
  2. My XM8 GenIII by SRC. She's real nice but I've actually been thinking about selling her.
  3. For $248 I got myself a wonderful Gen 3! Here you go! http://ontargetairsoft.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=183
  4. Yes it is a Genereation 3 and it's brilliant! I love it. The only odd thing is that every external screw needed to be tightened. Aside from that it shoots very nicely, great feel and sound. Not whiny and very positive feeling. My one gripe is the limited battery space in the handguard. But hell, maybe I need to put some rails on it and get a PEQ box. There is, I guess, one more gripe, but it's just personal preference. I use single point slings on all my rifles and the rear sling point on the XM8 is in a less-than-stellar location as you can see in the picture where the sling is attached. I'
  5. At least the magazine is the same
  6. Unit 318

    AGM HK416

    I had an AGM HK416 for a while, mine was the first one in the US. You need to get the Madbull RIS Fix to keep the RIS lined up with the upper receiver. It was amazing until the wires broke, but oh well.
  7. We can read German! You really should make a review, though.
  8. It could be relative to the environment. He *could* look psychotic with fire all around him. Or he *could* just look happy because he has his thumb up.
  9. Stop that. It's not called "The Intervention". It's a video game. A poorly made one. It's called a Cheytac M200.
  10. When will KWA be making short magazines for the MP7's?
  11. Moses: I really like the long magazine. I don't know why, but it looks really cool.
  12. Well the back pplate area has a foam insert that creates that little block at the bottom. It can be removed and the back plate will look normal. I just figure the Chinese company put it in for a reason (probably only to avoid angry calls from Crye) so I don't want to remove it at the moment. Yeah it could be a problem. I think I'll try zip ties or just get two canteens for both sides (equal weight dist.).
  13. If you can see (i don't know if you can) the back panel of the CAGE is robust and kind of, for a lack of a better word, loose. It tightens to the back when it's on though. Point is, I was thinking about putting one of those BHI hydros on the left side under my shooting arm and working a tube over my right shoulder. Sadly, when making the CAGE, Crye didn't make loops for the hydration tube on the shoulder pads. I am trying to work out a plan for the hydration tube. That it the real concern.
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