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  1. True, but I was only thinking of the children when sex is being discussed. Wait, that came out wrong...
  2. Thanks gents! Fireknife, I love how you describe your sex life. If I was lonely on a cold winters night, the beautiful way you describe the girls you meet would keen me warm!
  3. Things making me happy? My house sale is going well. My new house purchase is going well. I can't wait to get my teeth into it, and renovate the *suitcase* out of it! Also, I asked my girlfriend to marry me tonight. She said yes, and I'm over the moon!
  4. Batteries? Transmitting takes way more power than receiving, but that's as much as I know!
  5. Picture = pants Shotgun = very nice
  6. Are you pretty? I don't remember kissing you...
  7. Your review style made me giggle! Thanks for doing this
  8. Scorch, it's doing the rounds. Just knocked me down for 2 days, but had a mega sore throat with it. Is not cool.
  9. If they are in a locked car, smashing their window and dragging them out for a kicking is a bit naughty in the eyes of the law. A smak in the heat of an argument is seen as less serious. Usually. Damage to property is far less serious than twatting someone in the mush. It depends how far you want to go. All are crimes, they just vary in naughtiness. 'accidentally' knocking a mirror off isn't a crime...
  10. Yep, we should probably end it there!
  11. Where did you get my picture from? My parents have that framed, and say its what I look like...
  12. Could... Could we not jut fill the reservoirs up from our hosepipes? Fixed. Simples!
  13. But then you'll be too fat to skirmish with it!
  14. That. It's a pathetic form of detatched bullying when carving people up in a vehicle, but when it gets personal in return, there is a lot of 'cowering in the footwell' syndrome...
  15. shmook


    ^the last 2 gunz = teh sechs! Nice work chaps
  16. You should have kicked his mirror off when You pulled up next to him, seen that done before... As for Porsches, I wasn't knocking them generally, I agree they are great cars. I even priced up older 911's a while ago. But a *fruitcage* yellow one? I just screams 'I'm a nob with a huge inferiority complex'. To me anyway.
  17. Is that the same as a badly packed kebab...?
  18. I was young, and needed the money!
  19. Nothing wrong with some light cross-dressing...
  20. I'll dig out the pics of my Miami vice outfit I wore to a fancy dress, including pink t shirt 'borrowed' off the girlfriend...! Edit; No airsoft guns, but a crappy blue cap fun from fleabay. I normally have short shaved hair and a beard, most of my family did a double take before recognising me!
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