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  1. Love it! "what day is it?" "Wednesday, why?" "Oh *fruitcage*, it's 'Magnum day'..." *in swaggers fireknife, wielding a 1911 with aplomb*
  2. I thought that was a normal weekend for you, fireknife?
  3. But he was in a yellow Porsche, so he has already lost at life...
  4. It makes me giggle that your daily driver is an old British car, and your backup is a newer Japanese one! Although, I own a Nissan, and this has totally destroyed all my faith in Japanese automotive engineering, so I should probably shut up!
  5. This isn't the post you're looking for...
  6. What hedge said. It's assault nowadays...
  7. mike, I was only joking, I realise it must be a true ball ache for you "what are you up to this Sunday?" "I'm going to the old gay bar and get sprayed with white stuf by 30+ men dressed in camo. Why?" "" "WAIT! That came out wrong!" "sure..."
  8. But... Imagine your shortened commute when it's finished! See good in bad.
  9. What car, if you don't mind me asking? I'm getting stupid quotes myself, and shouldn't be, for a sensible diesel Audi A6 estate, where I can insure a Porsche or fast Beemer for cheaper...!
  10. No one gets a go on the missus, she costs way too much to maintain for you rabble to afford!
  11. What makes me happy is no more 'work a 12 hour day, then come home and decorate until half 12 at night' to get the house ready for sale. Finished last night, and early finish today! Ps, does anyone want to buy a house in Lytham, Lancashire? 4 double bedrooms, big garage, loads of space for airsoft kit...
  12. But... You said we could be together forever. You said you loved me...
  13. You read the rules when you joined here. You spammed a bit, got told you were spamming, and spammed a bit more. Your post count got reset because you couldn't follow rules and advice. You get all pissy over this and threaten to leave, as many others have done, hopefully trying to bully the mods into reinstating said post count. Not really helping yourself, are you?
  14. I'm only pulling your leg. It's not for me, but if you like it, do it. It's a hobby for all
  15. ^ and I thought the EBR was a hideous rifle...
  16. You could. And probably would. It is spar after all... The 100 post limit seems to work well, I say keep it. It never bothered me before I got to 100, and probably not 95% of other members. Arnies is a very social community, which happens to have a sales area too. If one joins just to sell stuff, it's probably not for you. It doesn't take long to get 100 sensible (ish!) posts, I think the mods have it spot on
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