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  1. they should open it up to chavs too; "wot? youz give me 200 squid, an i cant get no bird preggers? sorted mate, cheers!" they dont breed, and the gene pool stops becoming diluted, and there will be a smaller generation of benefit-scroungers, helping the economy...
  2. simple and effective! cheers
  3. pics if you please! ive done one mod myself, which i got from an old thread, but any other input would be greatly appreciated
  4. Yep, twas from me! I had 2 to get rid of a while ago
  5. im guessing the hole is for the fill valve? maybe so you dont have to remove the tank to fill it up. no idea why you would do that though...
  6. yep, apart from the little round indent/hole towards the butt (ooh-er), it looks exactly like a maruzen m1100/m870 stock. ive had 3 of 'em, so am prety sure
  7. thats because scouse women all want to rub against you cos they are all slags i'm of a similar mind with manners, women do not come across as thankful, but blokes do
  8. ive been getting this too, also with IE. had it since the upgrade, but figured it was my computers as no one else had mentioned it. as an aside though, on another UK airsoft forum, it doesnt happen, and i think its the same version software.
  9. i.m guessing its the dessicant sachet thing that peli do to keep moisture out of the cases
  10. hi, i know its not a major issue, but i no longer get an email or pop-up box when i get a new pm. both settings are checked in my settings, and i have received them since the update, its just been the last few days really. again, its not a problem, as i just check from the drop down box on the top right of the page when i log in now (even though that also says 'messages (0 new)'). just wondered if you were aware of this, or if anyone else had this issue thanks, shmook
  11. metal body may be a problem too, unless you look in my sales' thread! currently under offer though
  12. too busy being grumpy on buses? phona and broadband are a lottery. ive had 3 different quotes off sky, just by ringing up 3 different times. im sure they make it up on the spot...
  13. ha! "its easy giving up, ive done it loads of times"
  14. leave my mum and dad alone bud...
  15. or tell him you've got a girlfriend. the. most. expensive. thing. ever. anywho, if he does 'copy' and get himself one, problem solved, although possibly doubtful when of a 'stout' nature, and having shorts up halfway up the *albartroth*...
  16. its... different! in a good way though
  17. righto, will be pulling mine to bits this weekend to fit a new shell lifter, and will take some pics for you then
  18. the gas shell ejector, or the spring one?
  19. i suppose i can put these in here... cyma socom, before painting and stippling the stock, after painting, it looks two tone, but its not! its humbrol 'grass green' acrylic, and black for the tiger stripes. enjoy!
  20. m3/m3x by the looks of things
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