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  1. It is. Easiest to bin it, there are far better lights than maglite anyway! Saying that, I was issued a 2AA led one, and it's pretty good. Wouldn't buy one though!
  2. Nothing special, I'm just content. Work is busy, and I'm getting to do more of the design and pricing of jobs, so more in the office pricing jobs at several hundred k, and on site maybe 60% now, instead of being all over the country fitting, which is good as I'm getting older and have a family. Self-employed so I can choose my time off. Venturing into drones, just bought a decent hobby one which arrived today, with a view to buy a half decent one in a couple of weeks. Had a couple of Chinese ones before and I wasn't impressed, but today has really surprised me it's ins
  3. If you don't have any cuts/grazes/sores on your hands, you should be good. Easy to say, I know, but you really are low risk. Through-skin infection is low, especially if you clean yourself after. Please don't think I'm trying to make light of it though, I know where you're coming from. If you really are worried, kick up a fuss with your doc, but be prepared for about 12 weeks of hell if you get put on the anti-infection drugs. I've not done it, but know people who have. I suppose it's better than the alternative though...
  4. Brilliant, yes! Edit, didn't know there was a new series of that coming out, cheers 😀
  5. Watching an episode of strike back (silent war) and the super secret, ultra elite section 20 are using baofeng uv5r radios. Just like elite airsofters! Made me smile, anyway. Other than that, it all seems legit.
  6. The *fruitcage* government care not a jot for the front line drones. Re cops, supervision don't care much either. My force weren't too bad compared to others, which can be downright toxic.
  7. Upgrade it to the terralux LED head. It's about 60 quid, but makes it a proper floodlight... Hedge, maybe this will fit? https://www.niton999.co.uk/niton-tactical-c-and-d-cell-maglite-handle.html
  8. Also known as a dna sample retriever... If you do have to dazzle anyone, remember to move position afterwards. Blinded people can still fight you if they get hold of you.
  9. Don't make your house a fortress. Just make it less appealing than next door. A floodlight or two, obvious outbuilding locks, fake or real CCTV. They will look elsewhere. Sad reality, but their it is. Also, D cell maglites pop up on ebay. So I've heard. I've also heard some people have a 6D by their front door. So it's easy to find in a power cut, and not at all to be used in a threatening manner because it's nearly 2 foot long and a couple of kilos of scrote deterrent. So I've heard.
  10. I only got this as it's a self-contained system for when I'm out in the sticks and filthy. Does the pinz not have a compressor on board?
  11. I never considered the cost compared to other countries. As I had a gun, I used to buy a slab of cheapish ammo every so often and just pay and play. We used to blow off the hangovers on a Sunday at one of the local shoots. New topic for me, I bought a cheap Chinese thing off ebay. I am very impressed with it for the cost! 12v pressure washer to live in the car. Also got a 20 litre tank which in fortuitous timing appeared round the corner from me, used once. For under 20 quid, I've got a self-contained cleaning system for when I'm out in the middle of
  12. I love clay birding, it's genuinely one of my favourite things in life. Unfortunately, a lack of time and an empty gunsafe are currently stopping me going 😢
  13. Slight technicality but volunteers cannot be forced to work, even in an emergency. They can be asked, but that's it...
  14. That's all they are. Thieves.
  15. I feel you on the cars, you know my stance now on owning second hand ones. And also new ones actually... Sucks on the job front, sorry to hear that. Looking at the positive, at least you're working at the moment so have a cushion whilst you look.
  16. GSP are brilliant dogs, excellent work in getting one! Just just got back from a long weekend with my 2 idiot cockers, dogs are indeed happiness inducing 😁
  17. I don't own mine and I'm still not rich 😂😂
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