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  1. Richwatts that launcher holster of yours is PURE WIN! I always wanted to run a dual laucher setup with holsters like that, and may on my suit below some day. Here's my humble contribution to the thread. It may not LOOK like it was sewn, but believe me it WAS: All the hard armor plates are attached to the soft under suit with MOLLE webbing, the full body harness was sewn out of old seatbelt straps, and the entire back area is also MOLLE to attach the "jetpack", which is actually a camelback disguised underneath so I don't get dehydrated. The back area of the belt has MOLLE pouches for eith
  2. I agree. I think in that picture they are actually laying on the molds themselves.. Does anyone have a thorough review of the RS hop chamber to share with us yet?
  3. ratech, how many shots did you fire before your rubber went bad? What do you mean when you say "weaken the O-ring"? thx
  4. wow. just when I thought I had seen it all. I wonder if this is were all those captured gun parts go after they are mass crushed...
  5. I love that Dboys SPR. Funny that the stock and grip and scope cost almost more than the gun itself!
  6. Just finished my second one. I'll take better pictures with better lighting tomorrow... KWA M4A1 Madbull JP Enterprises mid-length free floating barrel/rail/handguard/flashider kit G&G SOPMOD stock PDI 6.01 455mm TB Big Out H nub Firefly rubber bucking Leapers 4x32 scope NcStar Docter style red dot Harris copy 6-9 bipod All that remains is to rewire the connector for Deans so I can run a 11.1 Li Poly, and a G&P metal body (anyone have one for sale?).
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