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  1. you can go 380mm without showing the barrel in the flash hider
  2. Thanks for the heads up.... now if only STAR sold the eglm without the scar... want VFC EGLM to come out now...
  3. Does anyone off hand know the length of the sniper outer barrel accesory? The inner barrel length in total with the sniper outer barrel attachment
  4. wrong forum man, go to the article comments Looks like a good gun though, thanks for writing it
  5. very nice job on that sniper rifle
  6. In a world ruled by Cheap Chinese Clones does this 2005 model 249 have a chance? First of all, let me say that I am in absolute love with this gun, I recieved it about a month ago and have skirmished with it 4 times already. First of all, a little bit of real steel history on the M249 SAW (from wikipedia) " The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (M249 SAW) is the US Military designation for a sub-family of the FN MINIMI Squad Automatic Weapon . Both are 5.56 NATO light machine guns manufactured by FN and its subsidiaries. The MINIMI is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in be
  7. Does anyone know of a 2500+ mah battery could fit into the 9.6v stock? Im no engineer for guns and looking for a battery that can fit into the standard MKII stock and still have long stopping power. I heard some cranes could fit. Maybe a custom battery? Any ideas.. thanks
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