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  1. The stock, as in the part you shoulder is very comfortable. The butt pad is not adjustable but its made of pretty good quality rubber. And the cheek pad is the perfect height for the scope I just put on it. I'd say its more comfortable than the normal M14. The butt is a bit wider and the cheek pad was pretty much designed to be comfortable with scopes. The stock doesnt have a lot of room for counterweights in the stock configuration. But if you were to get a MOSFET you could get rid of the bulky fuse and if you switched to deans connectors you could probably save some more sp
  2. What do you want to know? You can look at the review in the link in my sig.
  3. Kart JAE-100 M14 Review First off, let me answer some frequently asked questions: Q: What kind of gearbox does the JAE-100 M14 use? A: The JAE-100 M14 uses a V7 gearbox just like any other M14 Q: Is the cheek pad adjustable? A: The cheek pad is removable but not adjustable. Q: Is it compatible with TM M14 mags? A: Sorry, I dont have any other M14 mags to test it with. Real Steel History Now normally I don't bother reading the real steel history of most reviews. But since this model is relatively unknown, I thought I should include some background.
  4. I thought I'd make my own contribution with my JAE-100
  5. It's supposed to be like that. In the news section, the default sorting is by when the topic was started. If you want to change it so that it updates like the rest of the boards, go down to the bottom right of the forum and choose to sort by last post.
  6. Marui frame to SV frame. The color difference and the trade right above the grip gave it away. What are you gonna do with this one RacingManiac? Loved the last one.
  7. PRICE PRICE PRICE!!!! I need to know! Seems like it'll be a very merry Christmas indeed.
  8. Thanks for the pics but yeah its a bit too matte white for me.
  9. Anyone have pictures of the silver PGC P226 kit all fitted? I'm interested in how the finish compares to the chrome TM. @msx361 If you get the PGC frame you dont need to buy a real steel mainspring seat. The mainspring seat is built into the frame.
  10. 400 FPS dissapointing? Thats the upper limit even in America where I play.
  11. Are the adjustment problems true of all models of the ACM EOTech? Or just the 552?
  12. Wow that's just plain beautiful.
  13. I'm not against this restriction or anything but... Shouldn't it be the responsibility of the buyer or seller to make sure whomever they buy from/sell to. I mean if I buy from an online retailer and they scam me, I dont blame the internet or my ISP for connecting me to that site. This forum is just a place that allows buyers and sellers to connect. It shouldnt be the responsibility of the forum to make sure that all the transactions go smoothly.
  14. Wow, I didnt even realize that was a JG until I looked at it closely. Nice paint job.
  15. Spartan, could you take a picture with just the normal rail mounted sights instead of the ACOG? Did you have to make any modifications to the stock tube to get the fixed stock to fit? And how long is the 416 stock? Is it the same length as the collapsible stock all the way collapsed, or is it somewhere in between?
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