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  1. I would of thought with a pair of 10A fuses you should be okay, thinking about it, it was orginally recommended to run a pair - the ones I have weren't that big. I have seen larger sizes for sale buy I think they were much bigger. I use to order them from the big electronic suppliers in the UK, such as farnell: https://uk.farnell.com/w/c/circuit-protection/thermistors/resettable-fuses/radial-leaded-pptcs Rich
  2. Yes I have. I was using 2 16V / 7A poly fuses in parallel or they "blow" quite quickly (once cooled its working fine again) in a 18:1 ratio gearbox with a 'standard' motor. They work well, just don't make sure you don't go too low or too high, depending on build you may need to use something a bit higher amperage than I used.
  3. richwuk

    WE New SMG ?

    Is that Glock mags? And doesn't that look more like an adaptor?
  4. Now I've taken a second look at it, I'm wondering if it's non-standard as well. Looks be to about £400 / $ 500 retail in Japan. At least there including a magazine adaptor...
  5. I'm very curious to the manner that GHK designed this - I wonder if its "We want a steel slide, how do we make it work properly" or "TM isn't very efficient how do we make it better". If this works well (the reviews will be interesting) I wonder how long before others copy the design.
  6. I was holding out hope for LCT making a nice recoil MP5, but I thought I read somewhere about LCT using metal pistons for the AK series and bad things were happening. That might explain on why there doesn't seem to be any LCT recoil AK's out and about, just the kits. Which meant that I was thinking of getting a Bolt, but it seems to take them a couple of attempts to get it right....
  7. Finally purchased one of these I couldn't feel any mush on the trigger but still took the hammer out to look for it! I think WE have made a change (attached). Mine also seems to have the trigger spring replaced with a spacer and do feel the trigger could do with a little more weight as the safety is catching the body
  8. A slight bump, anyone come across the WE Europe MP7? There's a thread on zero one and it appears to be a revised model with a few problems fixed...
  9. When I've used free shipping in the past it was about a week and just provide your UKARA number to them. I've never had my UKARA number written on the box and my stuff hasn't been stopped either.
  10. I've just found that the DTW nozzle was starting to work itself loose - it's only a fraction of a mm longer than the DTW one now. I can feel the nozzle being pushed back ever so slightly - not enough if it was fully forward. I assume the nozzle is suppose to help create an air seal like a aeg?
  11. I brought an Alpha Part Cylinder as I have a nagging feeling about the DTW cylinder (along with the wrong porting hole) and now the nozzle is too short to create an air seal against the hop. The DTW nozzle is slightly too long and I can feel it pushing back on the spring when it meets the hop...new hop I wonder... Anyone have experience of the RWA CNC hop?
  12. I've checked there the nozzle is released and it's a decent amount down the cylinder and in slow motion appears to have enough time to load a BB. Looking at the nozzle upside down it doesn't look like it has enough time... There is about 2mm movement of the nozzle tip (hop end) in all directions, does that seem a little excessive?
  13. Sorry yes, the nozzle does appear to be damaging the piston head where the lip is to hold the o-ring. I've since found the screw on the spring guide shaft (piston head end) was slightly too long and allowed some movement of the head and I've now replaced with a shorter screw. I also replaced the nozzle spring and with a systema spring + o-ring and it stopped feeding. Anyone else had this? It could be down to the spring guide shaft?
  14. Has anyone had problems with the DTW cylinder head? My nozzle keeps trying to mash the piston head, I think there is too much movement and trying to work out which is too small: the nozzle or the cylinder head.
  15. What are these like in the cold? Like < 5C / 41F
  16. I was looking at the full set inc trigger switch pack. On an unrelated note my sector gear has a reasonable amount of play in it, has anyone come across this before?
  17. I've asked powair6 about the compatibility warning on there website about the etiny mosfet and it's not the greatest english but here is what they said: Not sure I understand the shape thing, I wonder if the 2014's are any better or just play it safe! Does anyone know about testing pinouts on the ecu/mosfet too?
  18. I think I understand! I did try with the switch in both positions - if I can't fire the gun i should be able to program the ECU (which I cant do either!). I did find the bolt catch very sensitive which was trying to sort out! Thanks.
  19. Anyone know if the DTW 2014 electronics are interchangeable with say etiny? The ecu light is on but nothing happens, have tested the motor and that's fine, I'm guessing the mosfet part but I've been modding the ecu as the bolt catch switch wasn't the correct type (as far as I could tell I needed a push to break, instead of push to make) so wondering if I managed to damage something there. Is there anyway to test mosfet? Otherwise I'll buy a complete etiny setup...
  20. My G&D 9559S turned up this morning (not bad considering it was dispatched monday!). Initial findings are: Looks ok, got a grey magazine catch and bolt stop with a black body. It works, couldn't figure out how to program the burst mode but I was having fun with the bolt stop. List of problems: part of the castings on the upper/lower that don't line up (minor) buffer tube loose stock loose, a AEG G&P fitted perfectly... buffer cap not shimmed - movement of the cylinder ras loose (there was 0.5mm gap between the ras base and the barrel nut now currently filled with a rubber
  21. I'm guessing the KA & SHS ones can't be too bad as powair6 are selling rebuilt ones with a systema nozzle spring and fcc bearing sets...
  22. Very tempted to buy one of those 2014 G&D's but next question is magazines - not sure if I will be in uncharted territory given they have changed the hop. Reading back I see some problems with the G&D mags but are they generally the best for a G&D? A&K come out a little cheaper, vandas are tight fit and what about MAG's? Anything else I should be looking at?
  23. I do like Lenovo's and the last couple of times I've been tapping up my supplier for a spreadsheet Lenovo appears to send around to the trade, the specs do vary (Don't assume all T420's have 1600x900 screen) and it's worth having a good look at the range above and below, prices do vary and sometimes a little more will net you something a lot nicer. Sometimes they have very good deals on there website (build to order mainly), so always worth a check.
  24. My last 2 WGC shop orders have taken 4-5 working days to ship, but everything turned up and well packed (I don't mind a small delay if they have everything I want, at a good price). A couple of other orders from HK suppliers had been slow to sending as well.
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