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  1. That.. that is.. really sexy! What rails do you have on that beast?
  2. That looks sweet! I really need to get me a Sig..
  3. *cries* B-E-A-UTIFUL, the4thpower!
  4. Yay. I was partially right!
  5. Sorry, I just took a quick look and thought it was a 1911. *cries*
  6. I'm pretty sure that's a 1911, heroshark.
  7. That looks amazing, Firefly.
  8. Are the SOCOM Gear MEUs very bad shooters? I'm real interested in the Tan one, and I know the externals are sick, but I don't want to get one just for the feel..
  9. Hey, what's the brand of that revolver, Top Sp!n?
  10. Yeaaah... completely stock. Kind fails compared to some of the ones I've seen in this thread, but soon enough she'll be upgraded. :]
  11. Hey guys, is it true this will fit on a TM 4.3 Hicapa?
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