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  1. Superb review, I have the USPc with the SD slide too, used to have one with the TW slide just like Crimson but it just doesn't compare to the feel and the detailed quality of the SD slide.
  2. True enough but they arent horrible for the price you pay, good for a few kicks in the backyard with friends
  3. Are you using it with the G&G slide or SD? Because I have an SD and I was wondering if the G&G threaded barrel has an issues working in combination with a SD slide
  4. How does the slide cycle with the G&G threaded barrel?
  5. Can someone be more specific about how to engage the safety I was under the impression it didnt have one also.
  6. I would just like to say for anyone wondering about what M14 mags to choose I havent had any issues with the G&P mags on 0.20g BBs maybe Im lucky.
  7. Thanks for the comments, I guess I reviewed too late as the MP7 fad seems to be over...
  8. Its all of those, I played with it at a skirmish last weekend thats where the guys drooled over it Even the guy with the upgraded G&G m14 soc16 wanted a crack at my socom, when I was attacking a defended position on a hill, I simply moved out of the range of the ppl behind the sandbags and started sending BBs flying over their heads. After that every time they popped up to take shots at my teammates, I simply raised my socom at them and they ducked. I didnt even have to shoot all I had to do was point at them and they would duck. It was very amusing .
  9. I dunno about getting a regular over this cuz the guys with regular M14s were drooling over my socom. They especially loved the cocking sound.
  10. What if I am able to spit BBs that cause welts? Nice mini review btw, any idea when the HK shops could have these in stock?
  11. Well just found a way to avoid all these issues by ordering a bunch of deepfire low caps from redwolf as back up just in case I cant mod my G&P midcaps in time for a game on the 21st. From what ppl say the deepfire low caps should feed as good as the marui but for 7 bucks a piece
  12. Great review and mod fix, since you have the G&P ones too would you happen to know how they perform on 0.2g BBs?
  13. Yea but no one knows how they feed yet, care to buy a set and review? P.S. Glad to hear about the smell, now that I think about it I have experienced this smell in the past which is why I guess I could describe it. I think I smelled it on my CA and my P90 and I was crazy worried for about a week and it sort of went away and I forgot about it until now I guess what made me worry was that the large batt was such a @#$%& to fit in the stock, at certain points I didnt even think it would fit, and I had to contort the wires in creative and cramped ways to get the battery cover to clo
  14. Is anybody else getting a weird frying smell when they fire the gun? Is it normal? I just fitted a 8.4v 3300mah battery into the stock (it was a *badgeress* to fit in btw) and test fired it and it has this distinct metallic frying smell to it. I never experienced this small when firing the gun with my 8.4v 1100mah mini battery anyone have a clue what I could mean?
  15. I hope the G&P mids arent that bad cuz I already bought two Plus I hate hi caps and low caps dont have enough capacity for me
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