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    ics mp5 / tm g36c / glock 19/ ics m4 cqbr / dboy m4 cqb/ g&p stubby killer/ and a m249 hahahah
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    take your f***ing HIT
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    United Kingdom

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    richmond / uk
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    airsofting/football/tv film/singing hahaha/ reading
  1. bomba1385

    Custom Gear

    where did you find that so cheep mate
  2. bomba1385

    1911 Picture Thread

    i would say get some real springfield armory wooden grips and thats a sexy beast
  3. bomba1385

    1911 Picture Thread

    hey dude where did you get you barrel from and how much was it thanks monkey Edit by Elrey: Please remove the tags when you quote posts with pictures
  4. bomba1385

    london ghosts

    randon photos

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