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  1. Hey binary, could you tell me how you mounted the Mayflower chest rigg to the LBT slick?
  2. @Pkekyo: How did you do that? Have you made something yourself or did you use an existing piece?
  3. @Reincarnation: Which M4 Pouches are those?
  4. Nah i need a P226 for Reenactement purposes! But it also should be reliable and accurate;)
  5. So would you recommend the SY P226? Or would you recommend buying the more expensive TM P226?
  6. Does anyone of you guys know who is the Manufacturer of the Mount for the ACOG on the new SA80 Variants?
  7. Hi Guys, Does anyone know which Chest-Rigg the CCT on the right side is wearing(the guy in multicam)?
  8. Yeah but doesnt the G&P one feature full markings and i see no markings so..
  9. May I ask what Make it is? My best bet would be STAR (ARES)?
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