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    TSD M1014, TM Desert Eagle 10", Army L85A1, UTG L96, SW M99, TM USP, Cyma M14, Echo1 AK CPW, Hello Kitty Xm8
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  1. Great buyer fast payment and great communication

  2. Great seller, shipped my item quickly and has great communication.

  3. Versus

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Number Three, Never Forget- by The Devil Wears Prada Lately I've been listening to Dance Gavin Dance a lot though.
  4. Versus


    He was talking about my shotgun which can't be posted here, even though it's my DMR. (Although not technically a rifle)
  5. Versus

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Doesn't look bad... ...God forbid your nozzle breaks tomorrow.
  6. Versus

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    DE and CAW/E1. You should be able to figure out which is which.
  7. Versus

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I do like the M3, as well as the M4. If they had sold a version of their M3 with the M4 sights, I'd have totally bought that instead, simply because a pump action M3 is more realistic than a pump action M4... but perhaps I can email Benelli and tell them to put out some pump-action M4's. /sarcasm
  8. Versus

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I picked up an OE Tech/Voodoo Tactical/Condor shotgun scabbard, but my M1014 hasn't been shipped to my new house yet. Does anyone know if an M1014 will fit fine in them? I've noticed you adding the X prefix to it. Is the Benelli M4 in the X stage in the UK? Here in the 'States, it's simply M1014. /Xm1014 is more fun to say, I'll give you that much. //anyone have that "M1014 User" userbar? I've looked all over, and can't find where I last saw it... CAW Users: If you need some spare mags; I put together a list of websites on the 'States Evike.com Airsoftgi.com Shortyusa.com Trinityairsoft.com Hotspotairsoft.com Any more, just quote me and add to the list.
  9. Versus

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    The elitist *beep* within me got angry, seeing all the DE M1014's. So here's my CAW! Disgusting cellphone pictures, I'll get some pictures up with a real camera within the next few weeks (once my CIRAS gets here!) CAW/Echo1 M1014, and my no longer existing DE M3L. The sear in it stopped catching, so I gave it a couple good whacks on a nearby bunker, ROCKSTAR STYLE! /No, I'm not actually angry. //I plan on picking one up myself for the CQB Killhouse.
  10. Versus

    M14 Picture Thread

    Good enough, hopefully!
  11. Versus

    M14 Picture Thread

    CYMA M14, next 2 parts for it: G&P DMR Body and Echo1 RAS kit.

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