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  1. But a bit more seriously, Here are a couple more from the same event:
  2. Thanks for the info, I guessed as much...
  3. @beta08, how do you like the S&S holster? Is it worth the expense?
  4. I like it, well thought out and executed! How do you like the jacket?
  5. Hey guys, any one know if there are any foamed quick disconnect suppressors, preferably in the SF or AAC variety? Cheers! PS. CW threading would be ideal!
  6. Ok, I will look for TM compatible sights then.
  7. Hey guys, I picked up a WE Glock 19, an right out of the box the white "paint" wore off the rear sight. Any ideas if I can put real OEM Glock sites on it or is there another source for better sights somewhere? Thanks!
  8. Thanks, believe it or not they are fully pulled up. For some reason until I start running they sag down funny...
  9. Where do you get the contour holders? (velcro things)
  10. Sigma, would have been good to meet ya! You know it!
  11. Yeah guy in the back ground was in MC and WWII gear...
  12. How about another of his great photos?
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