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  1. Nice build Noveske. How did you replace the front site with rail? And I'm guessing you epoxied the PTS trades then sprayed it with coyote brown?
  2. Is that a real Strider?? The blade pivot screw looks different to me
  3. Very nice. Does it have a stock or aftermarket metal slide and frame?
  4. It's a TM MEU with the Hurricane Kimber Desert Warrior Kit. The finishing is a bit too shiny but i can live with it. The weird colour on the last two was due to my poor photography skills. It was dark already and I lost the diffuser for a light so i had to use the flash on the camera.
  5. I took the top one first then added the grip tape
  6. I really like the setup of the shorty. Is that a real LaRue iron dot? By the way, does anyone know if they made a clone Trijicon RMR yet??
  7. Nice. Is that a KSC/KWA 1911 and a WE M4 with a URX II?
  8. Do VZ grips still make those Recons without a thumb recess? I just went on their website but they don't seem to give a no thumb recess option
  9. I was thinking of getting a H1 knife as a "go anywhere" knife. Knowing the moisture in Hong Kong and UK my Delica would probably gather rust if i don't take care of it. But looking at the H1 knifes, i don't really like any of them. I like one that's about Delica sized and has Delica or G10 handles, i don't really like the look of those volcano grips. But I've never held them so i can't really be a fair judge. I wish they would just make a H1 Manix 2 with G10 handles, that would be perfect. Oh, by the way. Care to share his work?
  10. I think I'll stick with saber grind because I've heard people breaking the tips of their FFG Delica while prying stuff. I know your not supposed to but, but knowing me I'd probably do it someday. Saber grind's good enough for me now, i have yet to find something it cannot cut.
  11. Why what's wrong with my Delica? It's still fairly new and i have yet to do abuse to it...
  12. Next knife: Spyderco Manix 2 By the way, does anyone know how to properly link images from Flikr onto here? I used to use photobucket but found Flikr to be much more user friendly.
  13. You managed to fit that onto the G&P TTB which doesn't have the notch thinge?
  14. Dude.... I don't think anybody in Hong Kong has more hi-end guns than you. Do you upgrade all of your guns internally or do you just do that to your "practical" field weapons? Care to tell us your profession?
  15. Sweet, two of my most favorite guns. Why not change the pistol grip to a MIAD or a MOE on the SR-15? Just wondering, since most people don't like the finger bump thinge.
  16. The slide serrations look really cool, so does the front strap serrations. Using a map as a background is pretty cool too.
  17. Did you get the Delica IV, FFG or ZDP-189? I have the IV and it's awesome. Really sharp out of the box. But if I could choose again i might have gone for the FFG.
  18. Yea, like this one: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_AEG_Air_Nozzles_Prometheus_air_nozzle_for_M16A2_M4_SR_M733.htm The hop up bucking has to have a good seal with the loading nozzle for the BB to not loose power and be accurate right? Well, at least that's what my air-smith told me...
  19. Corps, are you using the stock loading nozzle on your King Arms? I'm thinking of putting the Madbull Hop up into my KA SR-15. Thanks
  20. Removable trigger guard on an AFG? Huh?
  21. Well, you'll never know what situation you would get into.
  22. What's wrong with aluminum? Steel barrels are heavy, more expensive and would rust if the paint/ anodize wore off.
  23. Nice builds, I really like the dimpled barrel. Is that the steel or the aluminum version?
  24. Are those real tritium sights?
  25. Oh, i didn't know. Guess you learn something everyday.
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