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  1. That the one from rsov? http://www.rsov.com/store/product_info.php...33c4f045b70ce2b
  2. Looking a bit front heavy there..
  3. Enough of us recognized it, but why says it 20 times when 2 times is enough.. It's really not that hard to tell a RS Ak from an Airsoft one.. Especially if that picture has been floating around for quite some time..
  4. It was quite easy to fix the hammer but I would like to replace it with more durable bits eventually.. I'd love to get a homeland defender for tinkering around, maybe try using resin's to turn it into something else.. How do you perform maintenance on yours? I just ordered some Co2 maintenance bulbs with lubricant in them, but what about the moving bits in the gun itself like the hammer etc?
  5. UNcompany... it has a few downsides though.. Co2 cartridge is not easy to replace, not something for in the field.. Parts wear quickly, mine stopped cycling because hammer wore after 200 rounds so I fixed that with filing the hammer (complicated to explain), no spare parts available (however it comes from the same company that does the Umarex/Crossman/Homeland Defender PPK/S so you can use their mags and the laser for it). Homeland defender is 60$ Wa Shan PPK/S is 110$ Differences are the slide (shape and markings), trigger guard and grips..
  6. Slanted muzzle brake isn't needed if he is doing an early model one, he also doesn't have the notch in the bolt carrier which the early ones didn't have either.
  7. Indeed, GBB Co2 PPK/S.. in 6mm though Fires at about 310 FPS.. It's my standin for when a real Makarov airsoft pistol arrives..
  8. Well it was your own choice, you could have gotten an AKM, real stock and real handguards and have the same result for less money
  9. It's mismatched, star is for tula and triangle is for Izhmash.. It's an AKM/Ak-74 bayonet, it will work on both, on the Ak-74 it will hang onto the front lug and on the AKM onto the rear lug at the gasblock. So I don't know why it didn't fit..
  10. Oh ffs, why won't someone quote it again? I don't think we've seen the pics often enough on this page yet. And these are the specs: Externals: Guarder AKMS Carbine Thumb grip King Arms Upper Guarder pistol grip and selector switch Bulgarian Folding stock Metal ak47s reciever modded to akms Metal front end modded to aksu Guarder akm Bakelite mag with marui internals Element receiver cover E. German AK sling Internals: Pro Win cnc hop up Hurricane High Speed gears and metal bushings Classic Army cylinder and cylinder head from stock slr105a1 Classic Army tap
  11. Real Russian Ak-74 furniture.
  12. Oh, don't throw away the wrecked receivers btw They can always be used for special projects..
  13. Damn shame about the Rk103 receiver.. I have an RK103.. and now I'm worried
  14. Looks good.. but I think it should point out that the stock set you have is for a stamped receiver (all RPK's were), which has a straight angle at the rear. You put it on a milled receiver which has a slanted rear, which leads to the angle of the stock being quite odd
  15. FW200

    ICS AK74M

    The link from kalashnikov.guns.ru is not a real Ak-74M, it was just a prototype. http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~longbow/ak103.html That's what an Ak-74M looks like, just replace the 7.62 mag by a 5.45x39 magazine and it should be exactly that.
  16. Inokatsu have a replica called the AK-74M which is actually a fixed stock Ak-74N. They also have the Ak-103 with a sidefolding full polymer stock. Since Pilotfish wants to use it as an Ak-74M he chose to use 5.45 mags. It still is an Inokatsu Ak-103 though, just in use as a Ak-74M. My gun is still a G&G Rk103, just in use as an Ak-74N.
  17. Uhm, which pic are you talking about if I may ask?
  18. My favorite Soviet Afghan era gear, VDV around 1986. To the left a blue-white telnyashka, then an afgankha uniform and a KZS oversuit. Panama hat to the top with a afgankha field cap next to it (I like to switch between the two) 6B4 body armour and a MON-50 carry pouch, I use the latter as a dump pouch or to carry extra items. The MON-50 is the Soviet equivalent of the claymore. Sapogi para boots. The body armour folded out. Along with this would go an Aks-74.
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