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  1. Yep, closed bolt. So if i buy the open bolt conversion kit will it come with a new air nozzle and piston?
  2. Here's a picture of the parts I do have. I'm pretty sure I lost a small spacer that is mentioned in the RA-TECH videos.
  3. I have a question about my WE SCAR. I was shooting it the other day, and it stopped feeding. I opened it up to find part #59 loose inside. I figured how everything goes back together. My question is in the RA-TECH videos there is plastic spacer that goes on the rod. I can't find this piece. Do I need it to use the gun or will it work fine without it? Thanks
  4. Nice SCAR's Alex. If you haven't seen This thread might it should be better for P90's http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...showtopic=13770
  5. Mattdk

    USP Picture Thread

    Here is my KWA USP with KS trademarked slide.
  6. Nice one. Assuming it's a STAR-H? How much does the EGLM weigh? I'm looking into getting one, but don't want my gun to get to heavy.
  7. This is my M733 build. CA metal body, CA or nicer stock, JG front end with mostly CA internals and a SystemA TBB.
  8. Finished up my VFC externals. Here is the list of externals if you want one. Correct SCAR flashhider UTG 1" rail cover G&G vert grip King Arms ACOG.
  9. Nice M733 planeman. never seen the movie, but I'm building the same thing only with a CA body.
  10. They all came with birdcages. I replaced the G&G and VFC.
  11. Here is my project gun. CA m16a1 metal body, JG M733 front end, CA GB. Going to re wire and add a mosfet soon and put a M733 stock on.
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