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  1. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    Ahhhhhhhh Although I put the bone grips on my Nova S70 since i acquired one and slapped some dark pearl colt grips on, too lazy to retake a picture
  2. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    It's not for me [bleurgh]
  3. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

  4. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    Where did you get your grips Wolf?
  5. Aitch

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Nah, I like the factory look.
  6. Aitch

    Beretta Picture Thread

    Nova TM Guarder grip, I've had this for months, I've been too lazy too post time to offload my olde TM Guarder FMK 92s
  7. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    Does your internet provider not give you an allocation of hosting space? I use my talk talk/tiscali allocation for all my pics and it's free, I've quite a few uploaded, search your providers website, all you need is a FTP client for uploading, I think using web based hosting sites is daft when most ISP do have space for you?
  8. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    It's nice, a bit niche, I need those grips
  9. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    It's SD frame/slide with some nova bits, it's lovely and shoots like a beast, I prefer stock internals but the Detonics kicks like a mule on smack The CDP II is gorgeous, it is the nicest kit I've cobbled together, I'm hoping Nova re-release S70 kits soon so I can grab one of each flavour, I've 2 stock guins sat waiting for new clothes I really do have too have much 1911 now, so much I tried selling one, my SA LDC Operator, no-one wanted to buy it, n ot that I'm dissappointed So I'm holding .... Guarder Springfield FBI bureau model, cheap but very nice, Guarder Stainless SA TRP Nova CDP II Nova SA V12 Nova SA LDC Nova Colt Commander Nova Kimber Warrior Nova Kimber Custom PGC 1911A1 AS/ProG4 Infinity single stack SD Detonics Stock TM S70 and S70 Nickel, I've money tucked away in anticipation of new Nova kits appearing if I'm quick enough to get them (IF)
  10. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    My new editions, Detonics from @Amateurstuntsman and an all Nova (externally) Kimber CDP with grips from @Squad701
  11. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    I've my new kimber CDP here but it's looking a bit pikey my order of all nova silver bits is in the air, hopefully they'll arrive by the weekend
  12. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    mmmmmm Delta Elite, I'm hoping Nove re-release their kit this year, or you can flog me yours K.A
  13. Aitch

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    All G&P bar the C-More sight, the shells are pish though, they have wee bb in them, it's like 16 baby rattles n there, I'm in the process of emptying them but they're tough wee cnuts to open It's a 350fps single shot laser
  14. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    It looks good, but I'd also change out the hammer, the SV one doesn't suit it, but you're happy and that's the main thing PGC kitted 1911A1-check
  15. Aitch

    1911 Picture Thread

    Cheers Squad, I'm in love with the Infinity, it's different, adding it up it's the most expensive 1911 build I've done, if I could find a nova S70 kit I reckon that'd be my last 1911 build, but I'm f'd if I can find one

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