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  1. Ahhhhhhhh Although I put the bone grips on my Nova S70 since i acquired one and slapped some dark pearl colt grips on, too lazy to retake a picture
  2. It's not for me [bleurgh]
  3. http://www.heinnie.com/maxpedition-love-my-1911#.VJQuuKjTaDY.facebook
  4. Where did you get your grips Wolf?
  5. Nah, I like the factory look.
  6. Nova TM Guarder grip, I've had this for months, I've been too lazy too post time to offload my olde TM Guarder FMK 92s
  7. Does your internet provider not give you an allocation of hosting space? I use my talk talk/tiscali allocation for all my pics and it's free, I've quite a few uploaded, search your providers website, all you need is a FTP client for uploading, I think using web based hosting sites is daft when most ISP do have space for you?
  8. It has a wee bit of an appeal, who's the maker? I just paid for my Busse Team Gemini last night, strong pound makes me happy, it was about 50 quid cheaper than the quote when I ordered it so it'll need a sheath made when it arrives, fun.
  9. Do what I do to fix front sights, barrel out, drill a 2mm hole in the middle of the dove tail, slip on the sight, pump glue in the hole through the hole in the inside of the slide and let it dry, works on metal slides too and no unsightly white residue.
  10. I have a resin hawk already and I've built all the guns I want, now I've ordered a Busse team Gemini LE to compliment my knife collection, you can't take it with you
  11. There's a guy on british blades with 2 he wants to shift, you could maybe get a good deal, him I'd ask for photo proof of the items though, to dear too risk buying at that price.
  12. What other reason does one need?
  13. My OD gripped sharps nowhave added Shrike
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