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  1. That's just a matter of opinion, and after that, you really can't 'no offense' and expect that to work.
  2. I dunno why, but I think of chest rigs and armor carriers like the CIRAS when I think of Multicam, not an Interceptor O_o Let alone with all the fixings like the 'nut-guard' Sorry but I can't say I like it all too much but each to their own >.>
  3. Something like this? http://www.asmc.de/de/Outdoor-Survival/Tri...-3-Liter-p.html
  4. Well isn't that just wonderful there Pulng A question though, does that 'suppressor' serve a purpose? haha
  5. MCXL, replica or RS UBR stock? If replica, hows it work for you?
  6. Condor Tan Plate Carrier w/ Cummerbund
  7. Quick couple Q's for a modern (I guess) Bundeswehr-loadout using a Mehler vest. What'd be the proper P8 holster to use? Also, what would be my best choice hydration-wise?
  8. Tacticool ankle-pads there, eh Stuntman? Cool looking game and loadout there.
  9. Ok guys, due to my teams adoption of Flecktarn, I have decided to do a modern German infantry loadout. How does this list of gear sound for an accurate loadout? -Replica PASGT w/ Flecktarn cover -Mehler Vest (Its either this or really try to save up for an idZ vest but i don't think thats worth the money for a non-plate carrier) -Flecktarn Blouse and Trousers -Nomex Flight Gloves (Any other suggestions here are welcomed) -Random black boots -Black Balaclava -Bolle T800 Goggles -STAR G36 Possiblity for purchase -Web belt w/ Suspenders (Can I wear this and the Mehler V
  10. BOOM HEADSHOT!!! =p Right between my helmet and goggles Being pinned behind a bunker with no other cover to run to leads to relaxing a bit haha (Note: Not my balaclava or sling. Left those at home on accident /= )
  11. Heh, i saw the posts on this page first so I checked back to that page thinking "D'awww, it can't b THAT big. I dunno what everyone is talking about" Then I see it and it took about a minute to register in my mind before literally yelling "HOLY ######" Thats just... wow. Even for training purposes... Heh, mod it to shoot bowling balls neumatically XD jk of course. Unless oyu want to make a REALLY interesting airsoft mortar and put big foams rounds in it =p Anyways, continue. sorry, just had to give my $.02 on that XD
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