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  1. Uhh it all means the same thing.
  2. Take it off, zero it, put it back on.
  3. Guess I dont see it. Looks ok to me. There are a lot more weapons out there far more aesthetically looking then that.
  4. I did a base coat of tan with green stripes about 2 to 3 inches wide. Then I sponged the green on the basecoat and then tan on the green stripes. After contemplating a 3rd color my girlfriend suggested black and thus it worked out lol. I was debating white but I think the black came out great.
  5. Spray some paint on a plate dab the sponge in and go!
  6. lol My paint job above was inspired by your M4
  7. Not the best photo, its off my droid. Ill get some better pics tonight.
  8. Just got my WE 5.1 Hi Capa Hyper speed. Question. If I samd the paint off the slide how good can I get that slide to shine? I know how to do it I just dont want to take the paint off and have it not shine at all.
  9. Thanks. Seems like ProG4 has the best add ons. Whats people opinions on optics. I shoot pistols alot in the military but Ive enver used an optic on one lol. I was thinking about getting a replica cmore by element or a DR site. Any opinions on those two?
  10. Whats the best place to get TM Hi Capa parts and accesories?
  11. Dropping any carbine kit onto a pistol turns it into a Short Barreled rifle, which in most states is either illegal or you pay an extra tax on it.
  12. Well dont you see those two round things protruding fromt he front. Those are machine gun barrels. You dont need an M4.
  13. hahaha and then attach it to your M4?
  14. Not true it depends on your state. And I rather like the KAC handstop on the side. Id probably put my thumb up there to make sure i didnt slip over the barrel lol.
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