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  1. BFOUR

    All Clean and ready to go. OIF5-6 2005-6

    Nice musket.
  2. BFOUR

    Glock Picture Thread

    Dropping any carbine kit onto a pistol turns it into a Short Barreled rifle, which in most states is either illegal or you pay an extra tax on it.
  3. BFOUR

    Glock Picture Thread

    Not true it depends on your state. And I rather like the KAC handstop on the side. Id probably put my thumb up there to make sure i didnt slip over the barrel lol.
  4. BFOUR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Jealousy? No not in the least bit. Im a combat vet in the Infantry. Im not jealous of your cadet status. All of your posts about the DE just say its garbage. Give us some reason against your "high end" shotguns as to why this DE is such garbage when everyone else who has one has stated its not.
  5. Walk around iRaq like that and watch how fast your weapon jams. Loaded magazine go down to keep out debris. Unloaded ones go up or in a dump pouch.
  6. BFOUR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Not everyone can afford high end weapons or dont want to. And some dont take this sport so seriously that they need to have the best. I play airsoft when I can as a hobby. Doing it for real is my job. I enjoy buying JGs and A&Ks and modding them myself. I dont want some toy gun I jsut grab out of a box and play with. Have you ever shot a JG or a "Clone" brand? I have several that out shoot most TMs Ive seen including my own A3. Dont forget that you bought the DE over a tanaka or a marushin. And the whole rank thing comes into play everytime you have some folksy wisdom to pass down. No one is impressed that your a cadet.
  7. BFOUR

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    I love my DE. I think it performs amazingly well for what it is. And I also love my A&K M4 and my JG M16A2. But hey IM not a cadet so I have poor judgment...

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