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  1. bbs destroyed, i just fixed it perfectly by filing the each loading ramp edges a bit wider to make sure when a bb pushed by the loading nozzle into the chamber it won't hit the loading ramp's edges. No need to buy a new steel loading ramp (chamber ramp)!
  2. Refinement only on its mag. can anyone tell me whether steel bolt carrier is necessary?
  3. After almost 5 mags, the gun failed to shot! although the mag is full, but it only shots twice while the rest is a blank shot. The nozzle seems wont last long. So, it's failed! it's unbelievable.
  4. The sd3 inner barrel is 300mm shows a good accuracy in semi or even full auto at 10m indoor range. After 3 mags, the bcg seems to be made of cheap metal while other parts still looks fine. No leaks on mag so far.
  5. Information from the HK shop the new mp5sd3 has better quality including its mag compared to the previous model. I just bought sd3 but has not tested it yet. Will tell you later.
  6. Top: WE XM177e2 Middle: Inokatsu 2010 sv Bottom: WE M4a1 AFC
  7. just install an open bolt WE M16 VN Mag into my m4 close bolt. Need a slight modification to fit in.
  8. I replaced my *fruitcage* E version with K version. I installed Ares carry handle, ratech hand guard with rails, 6.01 stainless inner barrel, and ratech rubber. Accuracy is amazing with a very good bb fly path. I use ksc 0.3.
  9. my E version only got 370 fps. Truly disappointing.
  10. I disagree with your #3. I don't think the front sight is sitting too low. I made a quick search and found that the the set up is the same with the real steel. So, what i did as i mentioned a few pages back was right (someone's here said what i did was wrong). Here some pics i found on the web. Take a look closely to their rear sight. It appears the ootb rear sight set up was indeed higher than the front sight, that's why you're gonna need to lower it down to level it with the front sight. No need to modify the front sight.
  11. it's gonna be fine with scar.
  12. So, is the Element H nub better than the shredder's concave spacer? cause initially i plan to buy the shredders nub
  13. mine still over hop with 0.3, if i turned the hop off the bb will roll out. so i chose to use the iron sight by a slight modification to the rear sight. to work arround this trouble, I put 2 metal o-rings under the rear sight screw like this and turn down the sight to the maximum. The result is very impresive as I have a flat long range bb flight path. it will be look like this from the left side. For those who tired with the trial and error fixing the overhop issue, this might be a useful alternative for you guys
  14. BCG means bolt carrier group. The trouble also happened to my g39c when i modified the nozzle to increase the fps. It seems that the gas that uses to kick back the bolt carrier to recock the hammer is not sufficient. That's why i suggest that you to compare between the two, just curious.
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