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  1. Got my tax return! $544! Woot!

  2. New pics of that JAC XM177 Limited And my collection of classic AR mags In this image there are 6 Asahi mags on the left and 6 JAC mags on the right. (In this image the 6 JAC mags are on the left and the 6 Asahi mags are on the right)
  3. Asahi FNC tuned by Booster with LRB. Has semi, functioning 3 round burst, and full auto of course. Outranges everything I've used or played against. The Asahi FNC came out in 1989 JAC limited now has a XM177 flashider and the SP pictured has been sold. I'll get some new pics of the JAC I've got/had a few other guns that are considered "neo-classics:" Escort MP5, I've had a couple Sun Project M4s and a DG AKMS, but those were made post-2000 I believe.
  4. Ion

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC G17 w/ PGC Slide/barrel
  5. Repost from the in game picture thread
  6. Good god Vain, thats amazing haha
  7. Thats gonna be an awesome gun haha. Nothin better than the classics Looking good Vain! They're tempting to pick up, very very tempting. Cant wait to see it finished
  8. Nowhere near as cool as some of the above pics, but oh well, its flecktarn, a little piece of the pie is better than no pie It was a hot day, so no jacket haha.
  9. So how much for the top one? That AKM is probably the best AKM I've ever seen.
  10. Hey, I took that picture Good to see my old gun. I'd check the hammer spring by the way. It may need a new one
  11. Didnt I get a STAR SCAR-H from you awile back? Or was that another DesertFox? /random question Used it and my Escort MP5 at CQB City this/past weekend. What a nice gun. Turned more heads than you would believe.
  12. Feeds well actually. I'm still working on finding a optimal psi to run her at.
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