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  1. Matlock Combat Games. Picture by Snoopys Snaps. Rocking the new helmet and the new Saber SD.
  2. You have to add people to private groups. They can't request invites, I don't believe.
  3. The G33 comes with it as standard, straight out of the box. I'm not sure if it's some outsourced one or just ICS's own. Works perfectly fine though. I currently use ICS and G&P mags and it works spot on.
  4. Not quite a G36...but close enough. I traded my TM G36K recoil for this ICS G33 a couple of years ago. Kept it nice and simple.
  5. What's the silencer? Looks badass. EDIT: Found it! Osprey. Still looks badass.
  6. I imagine it's performance will probably be the same as the K. Just a shorter barrel and etc?
  7. Have you ordered from here before? I'm extremely tempted to at that price.
  8. Anyone from the UK had a chance to chrono this with 134a or Green? I'd be interested in using one for CQB but our limits are 330.
  9. Does someone have a link to these Mags? I've recently brought a G&P Magpul MOE and I'd love some of these windowed mags to go along with it.
  10. Any more skirmish reports? Specifically the CQB environment.
  11. I have to agree. I've had mine since January. I'm still running it stock and on a 7.2 mini and I absolutely love it. The range is fantastic, the RoF on it is great and I absolutely love the recoil. It's made for a good primary in both woodland and urban environments (a little too long for CQB, even with the stock folded). No issues with it.
  12. What's the front section? Never seen that on a G36 before.
  13. I also have a 36K RS but mine is stock. I think the range is amazing with the stock barrel but in case I do wish to invest in a TB, what length and make did you opt for?
  14. Used my MP7 Sunday at The Mall. Used it as my primary all day. Spray greased the cylinder before I played and then at dinner. Used 134a. No problems. Absolutely loved it. Great range for such a dinky thing.
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