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  1. TMC has what you need: http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/goods.php?id=8031
  2. i just rounded the part where it cocks the hammer, i have no idea why Marui designed that way. By the way RSP made two frames, this is the second one.
  3. Yep it belonged to hkssr20det and RSP, but it has almost nothing from hkssr20det now and i love the RSP frame. And it cycles wonderfully thanks to my modification to the BBU. hkssr20det
  4. Posting a last picture before she goes to sale, gotta save funds for the Ino 1911. (Background is weird i know)
  5. Prog4 has Magna slides in all sizes. http://www.prog4.com/db/product-list2.asp?Page=1
  6. Awww that Kimber Raptor... so beautiful
  7. WE makes the only SCAR so there is no comparision, Hundson/UNC made a M14 but the WE is likely better than that and there is the GHK PDW... And WE concern should internals wise and not the number of models they produce. I think we should stop this now ok? Let's hear about the WE M14.
  8. Sorry for the confusion, my point is: WE doesn't impress me in any way, there is better products in the market (in my eyes). I don't hate WE, i just don't like what they did so far but i haven't see the M14!
  9. Seems that Guarder gas is Red Gas ET-1600 (the weaker type), anyway an airsoft gas magazine shouldn't explode like that it only shows bad design and/or poor materials from the manufacturer, for me WE never! Let's see if this M14 is "the best gbb rifle" from the "leading airsift manufacturer"... lol And the WA M4 works very well until people to decide to use a stronger gas for that its designed for...
  10. 300 for a CNC'ed steel small production slide isn't too bad.
  11. Guarder will release a CNC'ed version of that slide soon, just a thought if anyone is thinking in getting the current version.
  12. My FA rear sight required some filling as well on my Prime slide for the Marui glock. By the way seems your front fiber sight needs to be cut a little bit?
  13. Thanks, do it whenever you want/can One question for marui glock owners: does your glock with metal slide rattles more on the left side than the right side? Its because i fitted a new internals on mine and it started to wear only in the left side of the rails, so i'm wondering if that's normal.
  14. Well certainly the BB is the most important factor in accuracy, following by fps consistency and inner barrel quality and diameter. Thanks for the comment Crimson
  15. I always found interesting the combination of a sliver slide with a frame that is not black lol. A stainless recoil rod would complete it i think. Btw can i ask you if its possible to record a small video of that glock shooting?
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