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  1. They make a railed top receiver (or receiver cover) as well. I was able to snag both on sale for $15 each. The gas tube fits great, zero wobble, even with a heavy optic. It did have about a millimeter of front and back movement, but zero side to side. I shimmed it with some electrical tape in the front portion of the tube and it is now 100% steady. Be careful removing the top receiver if you have a heavy optic though, it is held in place by fiction with the cover and can slide back potentially if tipped. Easily fixed with a set screw. I hated the railed receiver though. Did not fit ti
  2. Added a Lancer Tactical GP-25 to my ICS Galil using a custom mount. Extremely solid and actually comfortable to hold. Slightly front heavy when fitted with a fully loaded grenade, not too bad empty. And for when you really need to put some plastic down range. 3000rd drum mag and three TM Desert Eagles will do that just fine
  3. Added yet another TM Desert Eagle to my collection. With holsters for each one I am very tempted to carry all three out in a match someday.
  4. Picture of the Galil with a drum mag, plus another newly acquired TM Desert Eagle. Can I call this a collection now?
  5. I will get a picture tomorrow for you, I can't find any right now on my computer. I might have another TM Desert Eagle to post up by then as well!
  6. Dang you Senator Kevin De Leon!!!! If it really starts to get enforced I'm buying a few cans of florescent plastidip for when I play on fields. That way it can be taken off easily for display.
  7. I have tried a ton of different AK mags in my ICS Galil, including a drum magazine. They have all fit and fed so far. Funny enough I have problems with ICS Galil magazines with fit and feeding. I do believe (not 100% sure though) that Cyma guns were based on the KA Galil, which I know is a bit trickier to get mags for.
  8. I just looked that up, it is pretty ugly, not to mention it jammed up a ton (I'll give it was a prototype). I was almost considering building up a M500 in the manner of the Knoxx Sidewinder kit, but even that seemed to ugly for me. Although it could hold a ton of rounds! Combine that with a HPA tank and you could be launching 5 round bursts all day.
  9. There are a few more to be added, just the beginning of a collection ha ha. I usually leave the derringer in that pouch whenever I use my vest. Holds it perfectly in place, I didn't think about it when taking the pictures.
  10. I can now say I have an IMI collection!
  11. A correction to my above post (I just noticed), my 5-7 lasted 15K+ not 25k before shearing. It was 25K before the re-drilled outer barrel sheared and I ended up selling it. My bad.
  12. Late night attempt at something new, I had a CA suppressor that was broken so I hacked the damaged end off and forced it onto a cheap shorty can. Needs to go a bit farther down I think.
  13. nieb15


    Interesting, I can honestly say I've never seen or even heard of this happening. I have owned four different serpa holsters for airsoft (226, USP, Five-seveN, and another Five-seveN), put them all through hell (dirt, mud, etc) and never had a single problem. I'll keep an eye on the two I have now and make sure to clean them out more, especially the ones I own for real steel.
  14. Have you considered a 3D printer for the first prototype? Cheaper than a metal prototype and easy to adjust after. My work might be getting one and I could probably print a few for free. Oh and just to add, my first Five-seveN also survived 25K+ rounds before the outer barrel sheared. I really regret selling it instead of just fixing it up (I didn't know about the sealant trick yet, figured it would keep happening)
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