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  1. freon

    WE P226 R

    Replaced the valve knocker on my KJW and it's working just as well as it used to. Resisting the temptation to go and buy KJW parts to replace the WE internals, keeping only the WE frame and slide.
  2. freon

    WE P226 R

    I have both a KJW 226 and a WE 226. I much prefer my KJW simply because the decocking lever on mine doesn't cause the gun to fire. On my WE 226, simply pressing down on the hammer will cause it to release gas. I'm in the process of taking everything apart to figure out what makes them different from each other. Knowing these differences might help me sort the WE out. Also, the WE has a craptastic spring guide that has already broken. My KJW is still going strong though it broke its valve knocker. This, however, is known to happen to all 3 brands that run this gun.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still having some trouble with my accuracy/precision on my LM4 I have the following upgrades in my gun: The RA Tech 6.01 tight barrel that came with a hop kit from before. Maple Leaf hop rubber Maple Leaf hop dial Maple Leaf steel tensioner arm I have no problems adjusting the hop to the desired level of spin. My gun is still giving me grief with accuracy and I suspect that it might be the RA Tech Barrel. (bb flight is not consistent, hooks right now and then) Are you guys using tight barrels or stock barrels in your LM4? What bbs are you running through yo
  4. They are different. All you really need to purchase is the glock kit and the hop housing.
  5. I would definitely recommend the maple leaf rubber, hop arm, and housing. After installing it, my hop was working perfectly. I got the RA TECH set before the maple leaf and it was a pain in the butt. I'm not impressed by the RA TECH barrel either. I might go back to the stock barrel or look at a Maple Leaf 6.03 barrel.
  6. It's sad. I made the mistake of getting their MK18 mod 1 GBB and ever since then I've been skeptical. Their UMP45 received a good review from a friend of mine and I was hoping that they would have gotten their MP7 right. Had they done so, they would probably have beaten out KSC/KWA's hold on the MP7 market. I am saddened that UMAREX is staying with VFC. They make guns that are beautiful to look at but as far as skirmish-ability, their products will break your heart every time. Were I UMAREX, I would have looked for another partner that already has a reliable platform. Take KSC/KWA
  7. freon

    KJW M4

    Hey Landa, That has happened to our KJWs over here in the Philippines as well. I broke mine when I tripped over something whilst running hard. We first discovered the buffer tube funkyness when one of our buddies tried to remove his buffer tube the way you would on any other gbb and it cracked. The best option really is to order a replacement part because it can mess with your gun's ability to lock the bolt to the rear. (don't understand why but wobbly buffer tubes have had that effect and tightening them restores the functionality)
  8. I was cured of VFC after buying their MK18 mod 1 and having the bolt carrier break after less than 2000 rounds. Then having the single-fire mechanism fail after 2k rounds, followed by the breakage of their "reinforced" bcg in less than 1k rounds. Will not buy VFC, even if you paid me.
  9. freon

    KJW M4

    So I recently got my woman a KJW (she plays airsoft and was using an MP7 prior) Now we have mag compatibility. I was fiddling with the hop to get it to be as good as it was on my gun and came to a very good realization. When you unscrew the hop dial from the hop, one of the parts (part #94) is called the hop dial spacer. Playing on a hunch and doing a little experiment, I went ahead and sanded it down a little at a time so that the dial would screw in a bit deeper and thus affect the hop a bit more. It WORKED! My girl can now set her KJ to fire .25s with 0 to 1 click, .30s wit
  10. Hi all! so I've taken my LM4 on a whole lot of excursions now and the finish has picked up a lot of chips, dings, and whatnot from the heavy use. (We often play on overnight games) Recently, I've decided to give it a little makeover. Installed: DYTAC Rail, I forgot what it is specifically. (Replaced the noveske rail) Replaced the magpul sights for some offset rapid transition sights (zeroed at 10 to 20 ft to take advantage of the bb curve) added a magnified acog sight. Bipod Suppressor Foregrip RA Tech steel inner barrel and hop up system. (good results with .36g bbs for me, very accu
  11. freon

    KJW M4

    Hi Hut, We've been running the charging handles for a few weeks now. We've not noticed any problems with them aside from installation. On newer upper receivers, we've had to modify the receivers to allow smoother function. For older receivers, it was as simple as dropping the charging handle in. From what we've seen, these handles are a bit heavier and feel far more solid and superior to the OEM handles. With that said, we would recommend trying them out as well, however we feel like we need more time to really put them to the test. I am also waiting for the cradle v1 bolts to
  12. freon

    KJW M4

    For newer KJWs, you're going to need to do a mod to the upper receiver. I will try to document the mod when my friend and I address the problem this week. CJ might be around while we are doing this. Otherwise, I'll pass my findings over to him.
  13. freon

    KJW M4

    Hephaestus charging handles just arrived. Will let you know how they pan out.
  14. Looking forward to your comparison between the KWA and KSC guns. I have a KWA myself and am wondering about what is similar.
  15. freon

    KJW M4

    We've been running our guns (both v2 and v1) in very heavy use situations. And by heavy I mean 2 days in the jungle, over rocky, dusty, mountainous, or beach terrain in -all- weather conditions. Our guns have even been exposed to salt water as well. They are still alive and kicking. With that said, we have experienced some problems caused by the V2 and I don't know if anyone else has but almost everyone on my team can attest to it. V2 bolts have cracked at the front section of the gun where the plastic guide bit is located. (a weak spot on WA models as well) V2 bolts have been known
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