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  1. I did try and see if the old parts would fit the new receiver but after that i went back to the original trigger group. And the hammer that came with my OB M16 is exactly the same as the old one Care to share pics ?
  2. I almost forgot how i love my AW338 ....

    1. Vice


      Hated mine :(


      Probably because previous own had wrecked the trigger mech,

    2. danielsilva


      well i have mine since they first came out, wear marks eveywhere but the things still works like a charm ;)


  3. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    Ah ah i DID have a KJW when they first got here in EU but mine ( and a friends ) had a faulty hopup unit and considering that i already had way too much guns at home i just sold it. But at the moment i'm selling a LOT of my GBB®s so that i can have one gun ( plus extra upper ) per platform ( WE/VFC/KJW/"Magna" ) since now i do a lot of "airsoft gunsmithing" for a few stores and having a specimen of each helps me alot. And of course, this deal is too sweet to let it pass considering the price and the fact that the guy only played with it once. I know t_hum sells them but i already have a
  4. To be honest i don't know, i just sent them an email directly asking for the parts ( by name )
  5. Ra-tech ? I just bought a CQBR inner and some mag kits from them.
  6. danielsilva

    KJW M4

    Ok so i've been offered a pretty good deal ( at least considering european prices ) for a brand new KJW ( 420€ for the gun plus 7 extra mags, here it would cost over 700€ to get it new ) and so i might get a KJW again. @t_hum ( or anyone that knows ), I can use a AEG inner barrels with some extra cuts correct ? Can someone tell me if the modifications are extensive ( i can get simple machining jobs for free/cheap ). The same with outer barrels right ?
  7. Just for good measure i tried replacing every part with either original spare parts and/or upgraded parts, even made a few extra bolt stops and auto sears. Yes it's possible to make open bolt bolt stops and auto sears, they're both old stock which was filled down to spec. Funny thing is that if i plug the end of the barrel with my finger, there is still enough pressure to trigger the blowback in semi but if i switch to auto it instantly fails. There's definitely something wrong with the auto function .... just can't figure what at this point.
  8. It's like it's getting caught up on something, it either stutters slowly, vents all gas or doesn't reset the trigger. The only reason i'm giving it another chance is because in semi the *badgeress* functions normally, with huge range and very good precision ( considering it's using the stock barrel ). I just ordered a new set of nozzles to see if that fixes the problem. If anything i'll make a semi only dmr out of it
  9. Yeah and i even polished it. I'm guessing it's not just that because i just completely fired one entire mag in semi as fast as i could and the thing didn't even had one hickup. I'm sincerely stumped
  10. Not even a 1000 rounds and the WE M16 is already broken. Yet another POS ... i'm officially ***** right now.

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    2. david pithers

      david pithers

      Hmm worrisome, im buying the m16 next month, what broke pray tell?

    3. adadqgg


      WE needs to just make a version with all the RA-tech upgrades pre-installed...lol.

    4. danielsilva


      What p*****s me off the most is that the damn gun functions just fine in semi and shoots brilliantly.

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  11. And yeeeeeeeeeey ... not even a thousand rounds and the damn thing is already borked As of now i have no auto on my M16, i mean ... i do have auto but it's completely useless. After checking and rebuilding the damn rifle trying to fix the issue to no avail, i noticed something strange on the carrier and voilá ! The spot where the carrier first meets with the hammer not only is it dinged, it's completely obliterated! It's like a freakin crater. So now i'm stuck with semi because the hammer just gets stuck in there and makes full auto completely unreliable. POS ...
  12. Ahhh dang .... so who wants to share shipping charges with me
  13. I recently fixed a SCAR where the pin that holds the two halves of the nozzle was trying to wiggle out and was scraping the sides of the carrier ( it ended with a destroyed nozzle ) and was jamming the nozzle and was showing similar symptoms like the one you're describing.
  14. If you push it yourself does it go smoothly inside ? If you pull the nozzle out with your fingers and let go, does it spring back and fully return into the bolt ?
  15. Specially if it only comes at that price !
  16. In the order comments ask to change the shipping method from the expensive EMS service to the cheap registered airmail. Fixed.
  17. Those are guiding rails, they keep the nozzle straight and they go into the carrier. Don't have the g39 exploded diagram with so can't exactly tell you what part numbers they are. One thing I can tell you though, refrain from using/buying TSC parts if you don't want to waste money and beak your gun ....
  18. - http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=879 - http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=624 - http://www.airsoftbuddy.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=626 Couldn't find the new type valve knocker and firing pin base though, but even with the original parts they should work fine.
  19. Two rants today, first the AI GasCan ... the damn fill valve broke after just one fill The thing is very convenient but now is just a £35 paper weight And the brand of propane that i started to use smells like farts, really bad smelling farts
  20. I tested the M16 today and oddly enough quite a few BB's would get any hopup effect applied to them. At first i though that it was because the system was full of oil ( came this way from the shop ) and so i went and disassembled the gun. The a flaw in the hopup unit, the inner barrel is able to rotate quite a bit on the hopup unit The fix was easy, i just applied a good amount of Teflon tape around the barrel and with a drill bit i removed a bit of material from the end of the hopup unit, just enough to fir a small ring to help centre the inner barrel on the hopup unit.
  21. Feeling dizzy from all the propane ... xD

    1. FireKnife


      Don't huff the propane. It may lead to delusions that you are actually a good airsoft player :P

    2. danielsilva


      @ryangolfvr6: Considering that a 1L GG can costs ~10€ and lasts just a couple of mags and i can buy a propane tank with 6kg of usable gas for about 20€ .... I don't care if it smells as a donkey's bum.

    3. carabinero



      My airsoft buddies always rant about the smell... bozos....

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  22. Just played dual wielding today, anything but pratical but ohh so much fun :D

    1. renegadecow


      If you get used to them enough (muscle memory aiming and not visual) it gets very useful covering corners.

    2. FireKnife


      Great when up close and you really need to take out that room of 5 guys :P

    3. danielsilva


      Next time, gonna drop the dual Sig's and get some G18's. Now we're talking !

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