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  1. Howdy. I just ordered one of these guys, and was wondering what you are using for a sling? Thanks
  2. I'm REALLY digging that EBR. Nice job bud!
  3. Chinese M500. Thing chugs more gas then my 351 with a 4 barrel carb lol
  4. Where to begin... TM PSG-1: 600 CA Taktik stock: 40 CA G3 stock: 30 2 TM PSG-1 mags: ~40 1 TM G3 mag: 20 1 CA G3 mag: 15 Pair of CA RIS covers: 10 VFC Vert Grip: 15 Harris bipod: 30 RIS adapter: 10 First Factory PSG-1 "dino" flash hider: 60 First Factory Short Barrel kit (DISCO'd since 2004)~200 G&G Type 1 RIS: 170 G&G scope mount: 80 Systema FTK, equipped with M130: 270 Dee's 6.02 barrel ~140 CA Elcan sight (Disco'd since 2008) ~200 That adds up to a *fruitcage* *suitcase* load of around 1970 dollars.
  5. No, it's not a G3. Upgraded TM PSG-1.
  6. Gotta touch up the barrel and bipod, but I'm outta paint and wally world is closed. I need to get a new pistol grip, new gearset and motor, cut the lower, make tray to hold MK46 mag, build feed tray off side of upper, and rewire it. Still need to get sling points on it, as well as a recoil control stock with a new muzzle break. Heading to Army-Barracks on Friday to get them!
  7. Need to angle the pockets and add velcro.
  8. Please, for the love of God/Allah/SpongeBob, look before you pull out of a parking spot. I've had people almost run into me at least 10 times this week. Its not like my truck is quiet or not noticeable or anything.
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