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  1. I love it! Going out in a few days to pick up the K-1 you've got as well as the K-2 and K-7 models.
  2. We get that. We're asking people to do the right thing.
  3. Nice pictures, please don't wear the patch...
  4. May want to block ALL of them out.
  5. Brand new, came out for real AKs. Because I'm using a GBB kit, I can use real grips. Had to modify the pistol grip mount but the grip is untouched. Like all TD grips, has waterproof storage inside. MSRP is around $35 I think.
  6. Awhile back I received a suspension and warning points for 'bumping' a topic. I was pretty peeved by it at the time, as I didn't see a warning about 'bumping' threads in the US section, so I let it go and decided to come back to it later. Well, I did - I looked at the rules again and found that the 'bumping rules' thread or topic doesn't seem to exist! http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showannouncement=3&f=7 In the text of that announcement is a hotlink that goes to the front page. Doing a search for 'bumping' yeilds: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?
  7. Another project - another GBB AKSU! DBoys RK01S -Big Dragon Aluminum GBB kit -DBoys Polymer AKSU grips -TangoDown/USPalm AK grip Going to add a PBS1 and an EOTech.
  8. Quality is mediocre (the locking mechanism is prone to breaking from the ones I've handled) but it gets the job done if you just mount it and be done.
  9. Echo1 M14 EBR -CenterPoint scope -Winchester 9-13" bipod -G&P scope mount (cut down to fit with EBR chassis) -Element SPR suppressor -Pantac M60 sling The scope was $70 at WalMart and included rings and flipup covers. Honestly, the best $70 for a scope I've ever spent. Clear lens, great quality, illumination is good, and adjustment is crisp.
  10. DBoys RK01S -GHK GBB kit -Big Dragon complete bolt assembly -Russian Tula stock -Russian Tula upper handguard -Russian Tula pistol grip and bolt -Russian Tula gas tube -Russian AKSU sling -Bulgarian AK74 dimpled magazine catch and spring -Bulgarian AKSU rear sight pivot pin -Bulgarian AKSU handguard retainer pin and spring -LCT AKSU lower handguard -Refinished to match Tula parts -Systema tightbore I'd call it 90% done. The next one is going to use a Tula parts kit on a DBoys RK01S receiver with a steel barrel. Some detailed pictures follow. The stock attached. I modified
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