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  1. PlasticMag

    M14 Picture Thread

    Echo1 M14 EBR -CenterPoint scope -Winchester 9-13" bipod -G&P scope mount (cut down to fit with EBR chassis) -Element SPR suppressor -Pantac M60 sling The scope was $70 at WalMart and included rings and flipup covers. Honestly, the best $70 for a scope I've ever spent. Clear lens, great quality, illumination is good, and adjustment is crisp.
  2. PlasticMag

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    What the hell is that?
  3. PlasticMag

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    It's a Gorka in Partizan, yep.
  4. Great trader and very knowledgeable. Thanks mate!

  5. He is a great trader, traded my KSC MK23 for his GHK AKS74U and it all wen't smoothly. Would do business again. Highly recomended.

  6. PlasticMag


    That's not a mold line to get upset about. Hell, that's about normal for a mass produced polymer replica.
  7. PlasticMag

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Krylon Camouflage colors and Rustoleum. I give it a base of Krylon Brown, then hit it with stripes of Krylon Khaki, then stripes of Krylon Olive, and then stripes of Rustoleum Flat Black, and finally dust the stripes with Krylon Olive again. It's a lot of paint but it all comes off easily (too easily, but I refuse to spray it with a clear coat - camouflage is camouflage and if it wears down too far I'll just respray it).
  8. PlasticMag

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Latest project... All wear is natural. Some components have been used WAY more than others. The M3X I save the paint from the labels so it's easier to clean up for re-sale (not sure I like it yet).
  9. PlasticMag


    I don't buy that. All sorts of manufacturers will make outlandish claims about parts being necessary 'only if x situation occurs' when really it's a part that everyone needed but they decided to cut corners. I want to like the PTS Masada, I really do. If it was around $100 or $150 less I'd buy one in a heartbeat (if only for the aftermarket support it enjoys that the A&K offering lacks), but I can't justify it at the current cost and with the issues reported.
  10. PlasticMag


    I dunno, but the whole problem seems rather stupid... My A&K has never had an issue with barrel wobble. None have. Maybe it's because it's lower quality and has looser tolerances so all the parts are made oversized...
  11. PlasticMag


    This is not a replica of any current production weapon. The production ACR differs significantly. This is identical to the A&K Masada in terms of design except the stock and gas block, for all external purposes. And yes, Appslapp, I want the gas block too - it looks much nicer on this model.
  12. PlasticMag


    Well, I paid $180 shipped for my A&K. Figure that the PTS is listed for $480 at AirsoftGI, that's still $300 on the dot. I guess I'd like trademarks, but I haven't missed them yet, and while it would be nice to have a spring-up front sight, I don't flip it up and down a lot - it's either up, or down, and not a constant switch. Worst comes to worst I can always grab an ARES gearbox shell and have the quick change function with my own proven internals for maybe $100 more, which still puts me shy of the price point. I think for those of us who already have an existing Masada, it's not worth the cash. That said, I'm very curious as to the cross-compatibility of some parts as the pictures make certain sub-assemblies look near identical in construction.
  13. PlasticMag


    I'm waiting for the ACR to hit American markets before I look at buying one, but from looking at the pictures online I don't really see the advantage (aside from the range of parts) that the PTS model has. I'm actually very happy with the A&K offering as-is in terms of ergonomics and accessories and I'm not sure that it's worth $350 more than what I paid (after shipping applied) for the same replica with the same features (minus the quick change spring, which I'm not a fan of). Add in the ARES internals, and I'm very very leery. I can't offer more opinion without holding it in my hands side by side.
  14. PlasticMag

    Pics of your Gear

    It's the only one available right now, yes.
  15. PlasticMag

    Pics of your Gear

    No, you don't. It's pretty crappy. Oh yeah, and it's heavy.

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