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  1. I'm looking for a tactical backpack (preferably in CB) that can double as a school pack. Something with a padded laptop compartment, a space for books/notebooks/binder, and a couple accessory pockets for pencils/calculators/etc. I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask for recommendations like this, so I apologize if I've offended some of you. =P I've looked and so far the only thing I've found that seems to fit some of my specifications is the 5.11 RUSH series. Anybody know of anything that might fit the bill? Thanks.
  2. Cool, thanks for all the help, everyone.
  3. I recently purchased my KWA LM4 PTR (the Magpul version) and after only a few mags worth of use, I have noticed a large amount of the paint on the inside of the upper receiver to have been scraped off due to bolt movement. Should I be concerned about this? Or is this normal for the KWA GBBRs?
  4. And you liked the VTAC more than the standard Troy Alpha, uscm? Considering my options for my own LM4; currently the Troy Alpha 13" is my first choice, though this MI rail is definitely a contender with its price point.
  5. I have those MAG 190rd, that same pack of four. They are great. They look good, feel good, and feed flawlessly. In fact, they are the only mags that feed properly in my G&P M14 DMR (I have tried plastic MAG mags, G&P mags, and King Arms mags; none work well/at all).
  6. I have noticed that a brand called Angel Custom also makes these same brakes. Does anyone know how they compare? Is it simply a rebrand of the Dytac, Crusader, Apple, or ACM brakes? Here's a link to the Angel Custom MB556K on Evike: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=25_87&products_id=38285
  7. Looks great Intinerious! Where'd you get that SF MB556 replica? They make airsoft versions of those now?
  8. I got to shoot the LM4 today and it was very impressive. I was able to shoot two fills of BBs out of a mag in quick succession. The kick was strong (stronger than WE) and the build quality was quite robust. I will definitely be getting the Magpul version when it is released.
  9. Makes me even more excited for the eventual release of the Magpul version. Thanks for giving us a rundown on your GBBR, Briggs.
  10. That is amazing, bladerunner. How does it perform? I'm looking to pick up the US version when it is released.
  11. Thanks Kunlun. Certainly looks comfy! I might have to do something similar when I pick up a GBBR.
  12. Could you write up a kitlist, Kunlun? Your kit looks great.
  13. Slayer750


    That is amazing, Westy! How much did the custom engraving cost, if you don't mind me asking? Also, what base is that, A&K?
  14. Awesome P* kit, Roecar! That trio of uppers look great.
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