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  1. >Dat recoil

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    2. FireKnife


      Now that is nice, though I dare not do that with my precious TMs :P

    3. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      I saw your belly!

    4. gijohn2


      Dont get to excited Leon...

      FireKnife, it is a TM but with a FP metal slide and KJW red nozzle


  2. Tanio Koba Grip on its way for my Hicapa! Finally!

  3. I searched every where for the element one and then randomly stumbled across the Dboys one, Red wolf do the king arms ones for $25 but when they are wanting more in postage so they can go suck a *rickroll*
  4. Yo, i searched high and low and even had my friend search all the retailers in the world and this was the only place that had it in stock! http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152198498-Pistol-grip-for-the-AK-replicas.html Postage is abit on the steep just for 1 item but if you add BB's which are pretty cheap you get your moneys worth
  5. nom nom nom FN style grip is best grip! Still searching for a good tactical fire selector!
  6. My package arrived today, took 4 days in total to arrive from pick up which is pretty damn good! Well packaged as always
  7. Just ordered 11k BB's for free as well as another 5k BB's for £5.40, small can of green gas for £2 and a AK grip for £8, all in all, thats enough BB's for the next year
  8. Gunfire are awesome, i have ordered my AK, SVD and KP-05 from them and the prices like you said are cheaper then UK and a smidge more then HK prices As for delivery when it gets to Germany then leaves Germany tracking does not resume till it arrives in the UK as im sure its straight from Germany to the UK with no other stops etc Also when placing an order at gunfire for guns make use of there cheap BB's! 5000 .25s for like £6! They also have a points reward system which is very good, i have had about 10k worth of BB's for free because of this Apart from your unlucky experience th
  9. The king arms and hephaestus wont fit and $43+ postage for a selector? pffffft! I found out element did a AK tactical set which included selector, charger handle and mag relase. Just need to find a place that stocks them
  10. Found a cheap mag release extension, next i need to make my own tactical selector as there are none on the market
  11. Im hoping what they said is true as i do like them as a company, cheaper shipping rates, cheaper then most other HK shops
  12. Filed a paypal claim yesterday, got my refund today so they know they are being *suitcases*
  13. Well theres the funny thing....i did...and bloody airsoft park still managed to send me the wrong selector! So instead of the tactical one i got the bog standard one -.-! So i cant even bodge that to fit
  14. Thanks for the link, but its the wrong fitting unless i take a dremel to it
  15. Need some advice on my Dboys AK, Im wanting to get a tactical AK selector something like this http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/king-arms-ak47-style-enhanced-selector-lever-1.html but i think that wont fit as its for GHK GBBR AK's Are there any other options to choose from? Cheers
  16. Come one AIRO arms i have money burning a hole in my pocket for your ATW!

  17. I hate that i have no where to test my guns at long ranges in my local area -.-

  18. Mk18 and new hop unit is on its way http://www.95gd.hk/
  19. Arggh, I want a DTW!

    1. Kunlun


      no you don't.

    2. FireKnife


      And I want two hot girls to myself every night but sometimes we have to go without.

    3. gijohn2


      Once I sell my svd and sa80 I'll get one

  20. Good by IA 416 :(

    1. bentheairsoftman


      It shall be well looked after my fried :)

  21. I forgot this actually happened to me with a 2 part order, It was taking ages to dispatch and i asked why and it was because one item was out of stock so they sent one part and when the second part was back in stock they sent that out as well and kept me informed through out it all
  22. I said that about EBB but i went back there a month later for something else
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