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  1. vengecore

    H&K Picture Thread

    I'm Probably gonna catch hell for the MOE *suitcase*, but I like it! I needed the stock to be shorter than the folder to optimize for CQB. The Mod list is too long to list but i will answer any questions.
  2. vengecore

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Awesome Inception/Cobb style build!
  3. vengecore

    Glock Picture Thread

    KWA G17 OD KWA G17 (Take 2) by Vengecore, on Flickr Upgrades: PDI 6.01 Inner barrel Guarder Steel Mag Catch Guarder Steel Spring Guide with %150 Spring Guarder %150 Hammer Spring Blade Front Sight G23 Dot rear sight G&G Threaded Barrel Trigger Safety NS2 Aluminum Plunger Valve Magpul SpeedPlate NCstar Tac Light (modded switch to momentary on, Krylon OD) Slide Painted with Rustoleum Professional Flat Black Enamel
  4. vengecore

    1911 Picture Thread

    I agree completely, I have asked the threaded barrel question on KWAUSA forums and they have no plans of producing a threaded barrel for the 1911s. Until one comes around, I'll hold off and keep my WE-tech Custom Operator. also the hicapa slide and conical barrel are all wrong too! The NEW KWA's are, however, really nice.
  5. vengecore

    1911 Picture Thread

    MCXL, I have the same silencer and NB barrel on my WE Wilson. I love the look. I got to play with the real thing at the Shot Show in January. There aren't any Typos on the real thing!
  6. vengecore



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