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  1. WoW.. That's beautiful! Awesome build Wolf
  2. Hi Capa's [URL=http://s1106.photobucket.com/user/WolfgeorgeGR/media/Pistols/Tokyo%20Marui%20based/20170308_135134_zpswkgmhlzo.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1106.photobucket.com/user/WolfgeorgeGR/media/Pistols/Tokyo%20Marui%20based/20170308_135205_zpslocdfw9l.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1106.photobucket.com/user/WolfgeorgeGR/media/Pistols/Tokyo%20Marui%20based/20170308_135200_zpsc4g4w7oi.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1106.photobucket.com/user/WolfgeorgeGR/media/Pistols/Tokyo%20Marui%20based/20170308_135425_zpsquvodkiy.jpg.html][/URL] Wolf
  3. That's awesome man! Good job! Wolf
  4. Check the sales section .. Plus a couple more .. And some new kits. Wolf
  5. Well the Nova Raptor was the first "new style" kit ( the ones with the advanced frame and fake firing pin stetup) I got. It's was pretty smooth when I finished but I usually round the edges of the barrel lugs, from my experience the slides are become smoother . The Raptor was fairly good, so does the S70 but both SAI's (commander and 5inch ) required some filling here ans there, nothing hard but you had to pay attention here and there. The silver I got last summer is the worst.. i haven't fixed it yet to be honest! :shutup: Wolf
  6. It's the supplied aluminum.. I don't skirmish with those so I don't mind that much . Wolf
  7. Prime hands down .. much better finish and smoother action. The older the kit the better it is. Wolf
  8. Prime(WA) and Nova Kimber Raptors Wolf
  9. Thank you fellas .. It is .. i'm sad I have to let it go! this and all the other guns ! Wolf
  10. Full metal SAA 5.5 inch Artillery and the super rare HWS shoulder stock Beautiful piece but it must go! Wolf
  11. WA based Prime brass Colt 1911 Commemorative This is a brass kit factory chromed, when I got the kit the chrome had chipped in some places, so I sent it for rechrome. The end result is phenomenal, it's like a mirror .. so shiny. But something came up and I'm forced to sell it Wolf
  12. Full steel FPR Springfield 1911 V10 Ultra Compact. Wolf
  13. wolfgeorge


    WoW.. That's nice! Give us the part list please! Wolf
  14. I was lucky enough to unpack from wooden crates a few HK G3's in my Army days, well those were super glossy with all those preservative oils and greasses.. To me looks like those guns .. I like it alot! Not I want to test it Wolf
  15. Zero mate. They talk excellent English .. Plus the gun is available for purchase in France. But the price is higher than buying it from Russia. Wolf
  16. Well not really an Ak... But here it goes.. NPO VSS-M Wolf
  17. Well I polished the Gold Cup a couple months ago.. If you see the photo's with the other 2 V12's .. the V12's are not that shiny.. that's because they haven't been polished in a while Brass needs polishing every year or so.. if you mess with the guns too much then they need polishing sooner! Wolf
  18. Prime Colt Gold Cup National Match Wolf
  19. Let's add some bling to the thread. The brass 1911 collection Prime/WA Springfield V12 Face Off Prime/WA Colt Gold Cup National Match. Airsoft Surgeon Springfield V12 Face Off Wolf
  20. And the pair.. My old and "new" Ares DSR-1's Wolf
  21. wolfgeorge


    It's one of the best GBB airsoft rifles out there. Very reliable and fieldable right out of the box! Wolf
  22. wolfgeorge


    Thank you sir.. it's one of my favorite guns ! A couple friends a bugging me to sell it but I can't do that! Wolf
  23. The latest addition to the collection.. Ares DSR-1 with 2 CO2 mags. Wolf
  24. I'm building a similar loadout myself... It's not for blending in .. I'll use it in CQB games . Many players wear black tshirt, jeans and a CB vest with helmet.. You know PMC style but I don't want that. This ZERT scheme looks great. I'll try it out soon. Wolf
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