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  1. Thinking of getting a new knife, I only buy from top knife makers like Chris reeves (I have two green berets and a Pacific) and strider knives ( I have two pts and one smf). I'm Looking at the atlas dynamic hibinger s or maybe the nighthawk model 525 by Keith Murr who is meant to be quite good. Anyway does anyone have experience with Atlas knives as they look really cool?
  2. My stupid dog on my all steel mafioso Kimber stainless, I only noticed now! The looks like is a few days old, rusted the steel hammer bits and bobs. Anyone want a Jack Russell?
  3. Beautiful Squad, so happy to see you back on arnies!
  4. Looks great, what do you think of mafioso's kits?
  5. You go home!! You silly woman.
  6. Cool story? Do you not think.
  7. Mike strider, the dude who makes strider knives (the coolest knives around IMO) claimed he was a special forces vet and used this claim to push his knife collection. It turned out he was not a ex vet but an ex con!! With a differant name, Mike burger!!!! I have a few of his knives. Expensive little things, cheapest is 300 dollars.
  8. Can you not afford sky? times must be bad
  9. It's true...... I prosume u know who Mike strider is, if you don't, you know nothing about high end custom knives, I pity you for this. But I still love you.
  10. What!!! Mike strider is a con with no military background like he claimed!! Get out of here with that *suitcase*.
  11. Kodi is King!!! He knows everything about you so be carefull what you say.
  12. Legend Nonex! I trust your judgment.
  13. is it usual VFC or actually good?
  14. Yep, Hitman your one of about five people on Arnies I actually like, so take care dude!!
  15. Very very nice mate!!! BTW my like button doesn't work ever so to people out their who post cool stuff! I'm sorry I can't "like" your posts.
  16. The settings on titanfall 2 are very in depth, you can basically customise your own look curve etc, while this is great, it is *fruitcage* with my OCD. So Iv put it away for a while, great great game though, loved the first one just as much, got to a generation 10 pilot in about 6 months or so.
  17. I'm so addicted to COD modern warfare remastered, I got my free for all ranking up to 124 in the world!! Great game, I even based my GBB r collection on the guns available in the game.
  18. Ok cool! thank you, I'm just really into the old style wheel base. I'll go ahead and pick one up.
  19. Love it! Well done Sir.
  20. I'm thinking of getting one of these, but I'll wait for Non-Ex's verdict, as I know he will be bluntly honest and has a wealth of experiance with GBBs, and will probabley skirmish the thing for an in depth analysis of its performance and durability.
  21. Got two mafioso steel Kimber compacts to build!! With custom beed blasted finish!! Absolutely beautiful !! Also have the new Kimber ultra from mafioso ordered again with custom beed blasted finish !! I also have the Kimber stainless ii from mafioso with new style sights, needless to say I love mafioso products, full steel co2 with advanced frame, after FPR the best quality kits available. So happy I could cry !!! Plus got two 2017 nova lapd kits (advanced inner frame design)with full steel parts and steel sights and real Kimber grips.
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