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  1. Milgeek

    FN Picture Thread

    Hi judgeman... Technically that non-interchangeability is absolutely authentic. The British L1A1 SLR was produced to Imperial measurements (known as 'inch pattern'), and the FN FAL was produced to the metric standard. In reality the magazines of either FAL based rifles were not interchangeable - King Arms seems to have just faithfully replicated this design 'feature'. In actuality though - because the inch pattern was minutely larger - metric pattern magazines could fit in Imperial pattern FALs, but inch pattern mags could not fit in metric FALs. I don't know if this is also true of the airsoft replicas (is it?)... There is a view that because this is airsoft King Arms should have perhaps have standardized the magazines on the 'metric' FAL design for practical reasons.
  2. Milgeek

    FN Picture Thread

    This is still an ongoing project, but here we go... CLASSIC ARMY DSA SA58 TACTICAL CARBINE My DSA SA58 replica started life as a normal CA SA58 Tactical Carbine, but I added the RIS and additional items to produce a hybrid that is closer to the OSW version but with a fixed stock.

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