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  1. Jolly - With the right layers beneth its no problem .. BUt id prefer to use my Dropzone smock but it needs some readjustment.
  2. This is how it look at the moment .. Been away duo to alot of Carp fishing last season but the winter comming it was time for some nightshots at a frozen lake Multicam 1911 Kydex holster on the way!
  3. Bigal > New version without the defects?
  4. I expected you would be able to read the post but i guess not @validtumoralarm - Indeed it is @Blackjack13 - Thanks as always Next foto session wil be better i have not been out for 3-4 months so i just grabbed the chance to get out again
  5. Delta / US SOF inspired. The JPC needs more adjustment lately duo to weight loss .. I will work that out ASAP and provide new pics.
  6. PurviNs @ Sounds good i just remeber when i had mich replica that it was so sad to notic those screws ;P You should be able to buy some black finished in a store in sweden? Else its a sweet lid indeed ..
  7. zerograffit@ It was not intended to feel arroganted We all started somewhere
  8. Its been a while so i dont hope i do repost :< Pics from berget 2years ago?
  9. purviNs @ Its so sad to see you did not replace those crappy china screws all shiny :<
  10. sabrezerosix - It confuses me why the Ops-core helmet have the googles mountet that way ? Why not use the Swivels for the rail.
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