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  1. After market slides. There's been lots of discussion in the thread of Nova and Shooters Design, and some early on of Detonator. But there's also the funky Airsoft Surgeon, as well as slides from Creation (widely sold out, it seems) and Icarus, a brand I'm not familiar with. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/icarus-cnc-xdm-40-sw-slide-for-marui-we-xdm-silver.html#.Ve3M5GeFOAh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfVSBhVBRwc Any thoughts?
  2. Do the Marui sights from the V-Custom model fit on the Detonator slide?
  3. I just took another look at this recently. Generally, it's fine. The barrel bushing continues to bug me. It's a poor design. The hole in the front of the slide (the slide, BTW, is made up of inner and outer pieces) needs to be as big as it is, in order to be able to angle the barrel+hop-up unit in and out. If the hole were a flush fit to the barrel, you'd never be able to do that. But they've made the bushing so thin that it's inherently fragile. With my calipers I got 10.44mm OD for the barrel, 10.7mm ID for the bushing, and 11.75mm OD for the bushing. Which means that the bushing
  4. Now there's a second one of these, so I am forced to conclude that there is a demand for them coming from somewhere. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pro-arms-cnc-aluminum-loading-arms-for-marui-m870-gas-shotgun.html#.U7iBUXlOWAg
  5. Do you think Detonator is going to come out with a silver or titanium slide? Seems like most HKs are catered for in this way...
  6. Quick follow-up report on the Airsoft Masterpiece grip (blue) that I used for the build in post #1508. It has a nice profile, a little more comfortable than the stock TM. The sandpaper (pretty fine grit, finer than Dawson Tactical) comes separately and is easy to install. The grip looks naked without it. Good fit to the lower frame. Really none of the annoying gaps you sometimes see with Shooters Design models. Now the downside. The trigger hoop/bow fits pretty loosely inside the grip. There are three factors at play here. The grip's top is a bit wider than the frame.
  7. Magnet test with barrel that was part of the kit suggests it is steel. Quality seems more than OK, less than superlative. I suspect there will be wear over time, as with any highly polished gold barrel going back and forth inside a metal slide.
  8. It came as part of the kit with the slide. But I think this is what you're looking for. http://gunartairsoft.com/products/DOUBLE-TAP-HI%252dCAPA-5.1-OUTER-BARREL-GOLD.html# (And *fruitcage* me, there's another brand name, "Double Tap".)
  9. Thanks! The slide's a unique, one-off CNC cut piece, supposedly inspired by the slides r.s. company Zev Tech make for Glocks. Its fit on the AM frame was excellent. Just a little bit too tight to begin with, eased by some modest filing of the underside of the overhang of the frame rails. Now it's really snug, no side-to-side or up-down movement at all (!), but with some lube, buttery smooth action at the same time. (Sounds like something FK might say. )
  10. Interesting. Ultimately, what's needed is careful experimental research, swapping in one new component at a time and observing any change in performance. In the meantime, let me just add that a stiffer hammer spring makes the hammer present greater resistance to the bump on the underside of the BBU in the slide during the slide's rearward travel, often affecting the whole cycling action. I have experienced this first-hand.
  11. Expensive and inexpensive replacement nozzles. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/nebula-cnc-aluminum-nozzle-for-marui-m870-p-10976.html?cPath=1_143 http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/nebula-enhanced-plastic-nozzle-for-marui-m870-p-10975.html?cPath=1_143
  12. Two-tone is O/S everywhere that I would tend to look. Likewise silver O/S everywhere. Prog4 has the black. That's all I could find. All sites seem to refer to it in the singular ("Hero") if you want to continue searching.
  13. Have you looked here? http://czcustom.com/CZ-75-85-TS-Grips-Aluminum-Plastic-Rubber.aspx I got the Coco Bolo ones, and they were pretty much a drop-in fit.
  14. I'm afraid I don't know about r.s. front sights. Surely someone else will chime in. Personally, I like the front and rear fiber optic. Particularly in lower light conditions. Helps you pick out the rear from the gloom. There's a great deal written on this forum and others about green gas in TMs. I've read a lot of posts. My summary of them is this: most TMs will work well for a while on green. Some TM models are more prone to break than others, particularly the last four or five models to be released that have a re-engineered, larger loading nozzle (and hence gas capacity). The
  15. Why? A stiffer hammer spring will make the hammer drop fractionally faster, but I don't see how the valve knocker is going to open the valve either more or longer than will a regular hammer drop. Actually the spring in the rocket valve seems to me to have more to do with fps and strength of recoil. A stiffer hammer spring also makes it more difficult for the slide on its rearward journey during recoil, so it can affect the overall cycling action.
  16. I have never seen anywhere any empirical evidence, based on scientific testing, that so-called hi-flow valves increase in any way the amount of gas discharged from the magazine per shot, nor that this supposed effect results in a high fps.
  17. What are you trying to achieve with the 150% spring? What gas are you using? Plastic slide used with green gas in medium or hot climates, will eventually (stress, eventually) break the slide. The weak point on the 5.1 is near the rear sight, where there is quite a large cut-out to accommodate the sight. Performance-wise, very little difference between 5.1 and 4.3. Only different factor really is the slightly shorter barrel. In theory perhaps marginally less accurate and few fewer fps, but I've never really seen a difference.
  18. So far so good... until today. Had the barrel out of the slide for lube and adjustment. On re-installing, a part of the small white plastic bushing broke off. This is a thin bushing that fits into the hole for the barrel from inside the slide, and, obviously, keeps the barrel centered and sliding smoothly. The bushing has two flanges--it fits into the slide hole, but doesn't go all the way through. Half of one of the flanges broke off. The superglue is currently curing. Frankly, the part is not well designed, too thin, and clearly not made of a resilient enough plastic. Reminds me o
  19. The recoil is actually quite moderate. Double taps seem to be no problem. I surmise that part of this has to do with how much CO2 is used for each shot. But in addition, the recoil spring that fits over the outer barrel is relatively week. The slide recoils fine. But I notice when the slide locks back when the magazine is empty, and you release it, it goes forward fine, but it doesn't really snap forward with any kind of jolt. So there's not that much energy being stored by the compressed spring. I'm guessing that it was designed that way so it doesn't shake itself apart. Hop-up wit
  20. I read a few "reviews" on ASGI and was concerned about the plastic, but frankly, it feels fine to me. There is reinforcement inside, as well. It feels like the kind of plastic that has a little flex to it (i.e. the opposite of brittle). Time will tell. Unfortunately, no, never owned a TM. The CO2 was appealing to me, this time around. The outer barrel is a bit of a bust. The design is quite different to TM and TM clones. There is no way any threading or silencer is going on there. The inner barrel is clamped firmly inside the hop-up unit. This feels very solid. The size/heft
  21. Just got it in. Pretty nice so far. Feels solid, and good heft from the heavy magazine. CO2 doesn't seem to be over-hot: the valve may be trimmed to throttle it down. First dozen shots, pretty accurate. Rear sight adjustable for windage and height. It has an adjustable hop-up. The tiny, serrated-edge wheel is very stiff and hard to get to with the barrel assembly in the slide. The inside of the bucking has two small ears rather than just a bump. Trades seem fine. The long, thin grip feels fine in my hand; YMMV. Photos in due course. I'll try and answer any ques
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