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  1. Many thanks, much appreciated! Although I think I might go for one of the harder rubbers, as I'm planning on using 0.28 rounds, and I'm lead to believe that the harder rubbers are better suited to heavier weight ammunition.
  2. I wouldn't say it was overly difficult, the biggest problem was removing excess material from the G&G parts. G&G AFV sub-assemblies required: L85-C-09 (The front, outer barrel, mock gas parts), L85-C-10 (top cover, mock gas parts). L85-C-11 is optional, it's just the flash hider. If ordered direct from G&G, they are supplied fully assembled. L85-C-09-2 is the actual front end. Spare WE L85 #40 and screws #149 (x2) may be useful. Removing the original outer barrel, gas block, #40 etc - not too difficult, just a case of undoing a few screws and it all slides out
  3. Here's my pride and joy. It's undergone a little bit of 'cosmetic surgery' since the last time I posted it online. Take a W.E L85A2 GBBR. Saw off the front end. Acquire a G&G 'AFV' front end. Apply a liberal use of hammers, harsh language and eventually the skills of a well trained professional airsoft-tech and this is the result: It works fairly well, although my next step will be working on the internals to try and improve the performance to get something that's a little less likely to fling rounds off in random directions...
  4. Hope this is the right place to ask this. (if not, sorry) Would any of you recommend the new (2013+) ARES Sportline Tavors? I've been offered one for £180 (rather than £210) that's practically new in box, but after a few bad experiences with ARES guns in the past, I'm a little cautious over them. I'd rather not buy another gun which develops faults at the drop of a hat. The seller has informed me that the new Sportline stuff is good, reliable and usable - can anyone confirm this? Cheers.
  5. I took this photo a while back but never got round to posting - my L85. Set up for an all-indoors CQB site. I'll admit it's probably not going to win any beauty contests, but it works. Also, if anyone is interested in the length difference between the ICS L85 and the ICS Carbine, I hope this helps. As you can see, the standard L85 is only longer by the length of a flash-hider. Barely any difference to be honest.
  6. I like it! lacanuck24, how difficult was it to fit the rail system on the ICS? I was under the impression that the ICS L85 and L86 handguards fit on to the guns in an entirely different way.
  7. Taken by a mate whilst we were ranging in. Only editing I've done is to the colours, brightening it up a tad, as it the photo came out too grey.
  8. I find it works really well (for me) - but what you can't see is that I have another pistol on my right leg, also cross draw. I'm ambidextrous, and I just find it far more comfortable to do a cross draw as opposed to a 'normal' draw. It also means that in zombie games I can ditch the carbine and go guns akimbo I have a Cybergun (KSC?) P226 X-5 on my left leg and on my right leg I either have a KJ P226 (in photo), or KJ P229.
  9. I guess it's because either: a) Unlike ARES/G&G, ICS don't make their own SUSAT and don't want to sell their stuff with a competitor's optic or b ) Keeping costs down. The G&G SUSAT is (or was, last time I looked) about £120 - the LSW is £360 (damn you price drop! If only I'd waited...). If ICS want their LSW to sell more, adding an optic into the box would probably price it out of the market for some. That, and it gives the buyer a choice in optics - they can always buy something else, rather than be stuck with a SUSAT they either don't want or don't need.
  10. From F&O Huddersfield's last ever game at the start of April. Zombies versus assorted survivors and mercs. The cameraman was shot quite a bit. Not least because he was also dressed as a zombie...
  11. Looks weird, it isn't something a traditionalist would love, but this set-up works really well. I'm incredibly happy with it, even though from certain angles when the bipod is folded up it looks like I have a tuning fork growing out of the end of my carbine...
  12. Do you mean any specific type? I have Abbey silicon gun oil (35), is that suitable, or do you mean 'real' gun oil? (Sorry if that's a really stupid question )
  13. There are some amazing SIGs here guys. This is my first attempt at getting that polished ("mirrored"?) effect. Going to use it in my ''Jon Casey" inspired loadout (it should be a non-rail P229, but I'll be damned if I pay £205 for the tanaka pistol...) Out of interest, how do I stop it dulling? One of my team mates has polished his glock, but it keeps oxidising (I think that's the term) - it clouds over and loses its shine. Is there any way to stop that?
  14. A photo of me in-game from F&O Huddersfield game from 2 weeks ago. It was freezing all day despite the sun, about -3 to 1C all day (hence massive gloves) *Edit - sorry for the massive pics, I had resized them on photobucket to be smaller...
  15. Have to say I agree with EOtechs looking nice on SA80s... Here's my old LSW with 552. Not in use anymore sadly, as the internals are knackered beyond belief, and the lower receiver needs replacing. If I ever get the funds, I think I'll restore it. And now, for something completely different fictional - the ICS Carbine. Bought due to space restraints. I have the 'proper' ACOG mount for it now. I'd like to try and drill/bolt a G36C handguard-RIS rail onto this, so I can fit a foregrip - does anyone know if it's possible? Aside from that, I really like the carbine. Very easy to move,
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