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  1. Haven't actually tried putting any shells on the left side yet, ill check asap. Fielded the gun today, hop was pretty weak with .25g. Hopefully just need some breaking in, all my m870s took some breaking in before they started shooting better. Also, clean your barrels. Believeve it or not but Marui gas shotguns come filthy from the factory. Took me 6 patches to clean them.
  2. Reloading tip...point the gun downward, drop a shell in, make sure it's on the correct side, and press the shell release and the shell will actually drop in, and give it a final push to lock in. Works much better than having to find the correct angle and push in
  3. Just got mine today, I've noticed that the inner barrels are Angeled. They aren't stacked in the traditional tri shot angle. I wonder why...maybe it's the stupid feeding system, how the shell is on the side
  4. Also check your inner barrels, give them a cleaning. My last M870 (wood) was absolutely filthy straight out of the box. I needed two patches per barrel, and the performance difference and fps gains was ridiculous. It was almost like a BlaCK sludge/grease coating the barrels.
  5. In all my m870s I've owned, they take alot of time and alot of rounds to bed in the hop up. They work best with .28 to .30 bbs. Depending on the weather, higher Temps use .30, lower temps .28. I assume the KSG hop up system should be identical.
  6. Any news on upgrades or accessories? So much hype built up for this gun but once it released, it died out. Can't even find any Facebook groups for AA12 owners either.
  7. I wonder if there's a way to fix this. Kind of a let down to be honest...
  8. And this is with fresh batteries, 100% wound.
  9. Used my drum mag last week I noticed it does not feed 100% on full auto...I'd say it dry fires every 8th shot or so. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Are the magazine tube extensions compatible with the Tokyo marui m870 system? For cosmetic purposes.
  11. What's the best aftermarket nozzle for the MP7? I'm ready to pull the trigger on this gun, and I want to make sure I order the best nozzle with it just in case it fails.
  12. My first M870 tactical I broke a few things after 7 months of very hard use. I put maybe 400-500 shots a week through it. Based off that, the are really solid. If you know how to take care of it of course. I've had years experience with the old marui tri shot system, so I'm no stranger to being cautious of breaking nozzles.
  13. It's a copy of it. The angry gun has two versions. One with trademarks, and one without. The nebula one looks like it made of some lightweight cheap aluminum. Possibly recycled coke cans.
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