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  1. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Yep! That was the plan! Print and perhaps modify slightly depending on the outcomes
  2. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Any chance you've put these models up on YouMagine or Thingiverse? I'd like to have a go printing one.
  3. Bumping this in hopes you read my last message :D

  4. Hi angel_wings, did you read my message?

  5. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Haha, fair opinion. I fancied a change from my normal 1911, but didn't fancy the double stack grip of a hi-capa. I've got the normal one in the standalone kit at the moment, rather than the other way round as in this picture! Wings
  6. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Still need to get the sights, outer barrel, bushing, inner barrel and hop assembly, but yea! Also might paint the frame black and get a smaller trigger. Thoughts? Wings
  7. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Pretty sure you can get lookalikes from HK. IIRC they are called 'alien' grips? I remember seeing something at least similar on WGC
  8. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    I had to file down the parts on the 5ku BBU to get the dytac sight to fit, doesn't take much though, best bet is to take the BBU out of the slide and try to fit the sight directly to it (see if the hole matches up with the part under the slide) then slowly file away the offending sections until it fits. Took me about 5/10 mins? I should suspect the hi-capa sight has the same issue, I think the problem is the 5ku dimensions (I may however be wrong!) Had to do this to two different BBU's. Wings
  9. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Yes and no. Having done the same I'll point out problems I ran into. Frame is absolutely fine, Trigger unit is a drop in fit. Grip safety wasn't for me (I was using an aftermarket one, it didn't have the notch seen just underneath the hole in the first picture HERE. This might be the same as the stock TM 1911 grip safety so you might be ok) Slide is a different animal. You'll need new sights (HERE) and a new blowback unit (HERE Notice the notch in the top of the 5ku unit compared to the stock TM 1911 unit, this is to fit the Novac style sights). Apart from that! You're good to go! Have done it on 2 different TM 1911's now, frankly I love the fact ehobby sells the original slides and frames! Keeping my eye out for a Hi-capa 4.3 set Wings
  10. Good guy to trade with, nice comms and no messing around. Pleasure dealing with you.

  11. angel_wings

    1911 Picture Thread

    Love the SWAT kits. If I hadn't gone and bought some Delta kits before they came out I'd be all over it! In fact, I still might. If only I could find a Nash compensator.... The wood grips look great though. Don't let anyone persuade you to change them! Wings
  12. angel_wings

    Artistic Airsoft

    I've always thought Tavor's are really horrible and look out of place, turns out I've just never seen someone in a suit using one. Wings
  13. angel_wings

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Is the BE full metal? I'm wondering because my current conversion of an ACM M3 will take it to a very similar configuration to your M500 (without the heat shield) and I honestly didn't think about the weight of it! Looks nice though! Wings
  14. angel_wings

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Don't suppose anyone can get an 'up-close and personal' (or just big) picture of the M1014 style rear sights? Looking into putting some better sights onto my M3 so I'm seeing if its at all possible to fabricate one. Or does anyone know where you can get a rear sight on its own? Wings
  15. angel_wings

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Depends entirely on your gun. P90 on single shot with the stock silencer is difficult to hear from anywhere over 10m away (in my experience) Also worth noting is single shot is always quieter than full auto. And probably the only mode you should use if your using a silencer to quieten your gun. But airsoft is all about the cool factor anyway so if its quieter its a bonus!

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