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  1. The Madbull suppressor uses ball bearings to lock into a channel just before the ratcheted collar on the included flash hider. So it might be a matter of replicating that channel or putting dimples on these flash hiders to mount the suppressor.
  2. Does the packing tape work well to stabilize the ball?
  3. That stock looks right at home on long rifles.
  4. He's referring to the tourniquet that's stuck on the stock.
  5. napper


    They'd better stop shooting him. He eats pellets for power! Keep those 8mms stowed!
  6. Has anyone used these with GBBR magazines? I'm curious if these fastmags can retain the increased weight of GBBR magazines during any vigorous movement.
  7. napper

    ICS M4

    G36 flash hider? looks mean, I like it!
  8. Posting my slightly updated WA-based gbbr again. Prowin mags w/ ranger plates. Not much accessorizing yet so my rails are bare. Looking for a nicer barrel extension as well. Haven't got a gas block or tube. I didn't take a picture of the other side, but I've got a G&P ambi mag catch (actually the AEG version, filed and forced-fit ). Just waiting on an Iron Airsoft ambi selector to round out the ambi controls as I'm lefty.
  9. mmm... DD fixed sights on my GBBR

  10. I would think that it would be louder with just the can and without the KFH.
  11. What scope is that on the second picture? Looks sleek!
  12. trying to fix broken selector contacts, anyone know how I would go about making my own?

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