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  1. It was the best game I've ever attended. Except that it was stupid cold in the tent at night.
  2. Just got here today. Of course, FEDEX normally gets here around 10am, but today, 5pm. Ultima MG42.
  3. US Pics of the same game as [bS]_MARS. I'm the 82nd ABN Sgt. Pic credit to David Hintze. Group shot of some of the GIs with 2nd Bat/REMF M1 Garand conversions. He said this was the largest group to use them. I'm second from the end on the right.
  4. Here: http://www.thefieldwerks.com/ It comes in black rubber. I painted mine.
  5. Finally got the right tripod. 1944 dated M2. Now I need to get the T&E.
  6. HAHAHAHA!!!!! That's *fruitcage* awesome!. I bet it works great on the squirrels, too.
  7. AGM MP40, converted to full-auto only, Maruzen P.38 Shoei GBB MP44 Tanaka K98k, rubber bayonet TM Thompson, CAW wood kit, TM M1911A1, Guarder metal kit, rubber M3 trench knife Custom 2nd Batt M1 Garand conversion from TM M14, rubber M1 bayonet
  8. Almost done conversion to GPMG. Painted the stock to simulate wood Removed rail and filled holes Now I just need to fix the flash hider. I think I may have to scrach build one.
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