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  1. it's a maruzen clone but I've heard rumours that the pump and the stock fixation is different than the g&p and maruzen shotguns
  2. hello guys! is it possible to mount these parts: http://www.ebairsoft.com/aabb-style-series-p-8433.html to this shotgun: http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152203101-870-Tactical-Shotgun-replica.html I'm not sure these parts are fully compatible with each other...I tried to search on the internet, but no luck yet...
  3. awesome conversion do you have more pics of the gas tube tank?
  4. actually IRL it's not that green
  5. skaos


    the original chinese optics are too bulky for my taste
  6. cyma ebr, the m3 is on it's way...
  7. fab defense kpr http://www.fab-defense.com/en/category-rail-systems-and-mounting-solutions/id-226/aks-74u-krinkov-rail-system.html the ak102 has a mission first tac tekko http://www.missionfirsttactical.com/Products/TEKKO-Integrated-Rail-Systems/TEKKO-Polymer-AK47-Integrated-Rail-System
  8. my two babies, both are dboys fullsteel with slightly upgraded internals (mostly the hopup and a weaker spring)
  9. I have feeding issues with cyma, src, element and beta project midcaps in my lct105
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