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  1. Krydel, that's interesting. Yeah, it doesnt seem to be sitting very well (2 out of 5). The remaining three, i tighten the screws on the bottom and the usually fixes the problem. I'll give it another day. In the meantime, how are the new GHK stanag metal magazines? I assume they work well in the g5? Might order a couple of those....
  2. tried soaking in silicone for a day, no dice. I can see it coming from the inside of the rubber rectangular part that vents the gas (around the BB feed lip area)
  3. So i tightened the bottom of the mags (the two big screws) and they stopped leaking from the bottom. Now two of them are leaking from the top.... what gives?! I tried to tighten the valve but that seems tight already.
  4. I bought mine with the TM new shells. Consistently feeds as desired! 6 six shots is just nasty
  5. just ordered a m870, gonna be part of the family really soon. I'll probably just run it on duster at the moment and never have to worry about it.
  6. EDIT: phone was leaving out some parts and now i know!
  7. lol anything +2 is a convert. I dont think i have any AEGs left in my arsenal. I converted all my models to their EBBR or gas counterpart. Too fun but my wallet has been suffering.
  8. Dropped my mag on the ground (carpet) and now it's leaking from the bottom! clumsy me. The other mags have been really solid however.
  9. Just got it today. it's magnificent! i love it so far, cant wait to take it out. Im having trouble adjusting the hopup, the slot is so small for my fingers to fit in and turn the wheel. DO i have to disassemble the front part to get to it solidly?
  10. So update on my airsplat order: Gave them a call and they were out of stock for the black one. Either i wait until the end of december to pick up a black one or take a tan one that they currently have in stock at the moment. Looks like ill be getting a tan GHK! For the samoon, looks like a good deal. I may pick some up from there if it's cheaper than getting it stateside! I never ordered from them before. How are they?
  11. So just being curious with the shipment today, i checked on the status of the order and found this message: The sender has voided the UPS tracking number created for this shipment. UPS does not have possession of this shipment Before, it showed electronic info received. I ordered it on December 02 and this update was yesterday (according to the void date). Along with this, I never received notifications of any type through email or phone number provided.... So what does this mean?
  12. interesting. I hope mine is the same case! Any ideas where to get extra mags? i didnt get it with my airsplat order because someone mentioned earlier that they ran out of stock.
  13. Tokyo marui hk416 DEVGRU coming out. Price is kinda high, huh? I know they lower the actual price on release but still.... http://www.tokyo-marui.co.jp/products/electric/nextgeneration/370
  14. yeah it must have been the volume of orders. No one can really beat that kind of deal for the ghk g5 so I'm glad i got a day job to keep me busy during this wait! I'm still waiting for the marui hk45 and possibly USP series GBB but other than that, my ebbrs are slowly converting to these Gbbrs. The next on my marui bucket list is the 870 thats currently available. If I'm impressed with this g5, i may follow in your footsteps and pick up an ak
  15. Ordered the g5 from airsplat since monday, still no notification of it being shipped out...lol
  16. silly me, ive been so tired i forget the little things lol. 188$ is a hard deal to beat but i need to wait for my cash to be deposited. I hope theres some time, i wonder how long this deal will last!
  17. I cant seem to get the coupon code to work with airsplat to pick up the GHK g5, is it invalid for this product or did the deal already past since it's Dec. 1st?
  18. Has anyone see these videos? It's about making a skirmish worthy VFC mp5. To summarize quickly, he added bolt guides to reduce play from side to side in the bolt which leads to less broken nozzles, misfeeds, etc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7TqQPcSd2o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faOOeo65uek Thoughts? Has anyone tried this and found great success with it?
  19. lol np offense taken. Looks like ill be waiting for the WE!
  20. Not new to GBBRs, i've been through we, G&P WOCs, KWA lm4 (two actually) and the marui mp7 gbb. Wouldnt say i'm an expert but somewhat competent. I'm just wondering how flawed the design (if applicable) of the vfc mp5 and if it's worth it to purchase! thanks in advance
  21. Ok, I'm thinking of purchasing this because I'm getting into the gbbr world but I'm really worried about how well this works. I hear problems with misfeeding, hop problems, magazine problems and complexity. However, it's the only available mp5 gbbr on the market. and I'm not thoroughly convinced the WE gbbr will be a savior in its place. What mods should i do to make it skirmishable?
  22. Armour, (or anyone else), can you point me to the ones that are the new version ones on wgc? I cant tell the difference between the new ones and the older ones. This one does list some difference compared to the listing posted above: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=WGC-GBR-UMP5A2&search=special&rs=vfc%20mp5&catid=&cat=&view_choice=c
  23. Where are you guys getting the extra mags for this? They are ridiculous to find at a decent value new and most retailers who have it it stock will be out of stock when ordering, which makes me question who has the real-time inventory on these things..
  24. Has anyone tried the evo II hop up kit with the maple leaf bucking? I have a few questions about it: is it a drop in fit with no mods and does it really make a difference? I find the stock lm4 hopup to be a little inconsistent with some shots going far as 180+ then others that drop 50ft in front of me.
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