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  1. The LCT doesn't have the recoil though, just the blowback.
  2. Didn't the first gen ones come with a good neodymium motor as well?
  3. How is the quality of the receiver and external parts?
  4. A neodymium motor would definitely work well in this gun, since that extra torque would help the recoil mechanism
  5. How's the compression out of the box? And what about the hop up assembly and motor?
  6. My M4 custom, a replica of the one used in MGS4.
  7. Check your inner barrel too, a dirty barrel might cause this.
  8. It is the only good mosfet that has a microswitch trigger, which is so useful IMO.
  9. Gah, I will North American retailers would have these in stock... the demand for this is absolutely crazy
  10. Any tips on how to fix the bolt lock? My bolt doesn't seem to release all the way anymore.
  11. Looks like VFC actually uses a type of zinc (pot metal) for their silencers... that'll explain why it melted
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